March 3, 2016 |

ICYMI | #InternWithPurpose Chat with Publicis Healthcare


Didn’t catch our Twitter chat with Publicis? No worries! Below you’ll find highlights from our career centered Q&A  session. Take a look and put this advice to use during the Online Job and Internship Fair on March 21-25

What can I do to be an impressive candidate? 

@Ryan16Ted: When applying, make sure that your resume does a good job at reflecting your past work/school experience

‏@bronte_nerd: Focus on what you can bring to the company, not what you expect to get out of the experience.

@LindseyCasella: Be memorable and instead of touting experiences, show passion for industry + willingness to work!

@campusphilly: Show your personality as well as the skills you have! More here:

Resume, cover letter or reference – which is most important?

@BenJPreston: Keep your #resume to one page and PROOF all your materials. Clean, matching docs is major 🔑.

@bronte_nerd: Whatever you send, proofread it. a lot. cover letters/resumes with errors = trash can.

@campusphilly: All are important! Resume =Accolades, Cover Letter=Fit w/company, Reference=Personality/Work Ethic

Interviewers always say “Now, do you have any questions for us?” What are the best questions to ask? 

@ERK_711: Interviewers love talking about themselves…ask them what they like and dislike about their job! #internwithpurpose

@callmekinsman: Make it about the actual opportunity. What do you really want to know about the position. Ask! #InternWithPurpose

@andreaericaa: Ask about something they wish they knew at your level. You might learn something different! #InternWithPurpose

@campusphilly: Ask about the company culture & what makes it different. Ask about the future industry as a whole

@campusphilly: CP PRO Tip: Job Interviews are a great way to get an inside scoop on an industry. You have time w/ an expert. Use it!

How much expertise does an employer expect in an intern prior to hiring them?

@bulgarianjer: Leadership roles in school or athletics can be impressive. Captain of the lacrosse team? Tell them

@Ryan16Ted: Some previous experience helps, though it’s best to have a positive attitude & be willing to learn

@aileenferris: They want to see you are passionate and interested – expertise comes with time – show passion!

How can I best prepare as my internship is coming to an end?

‏@andreaericaa: Keep in touch with your coworkers and network network network. You never know who knows who!

@callmekinsman: Ask your manager for direct feedback on your performance. Take those learnings with you!

@Lori_DePace: It doesn’t always have to end! Keep in touch, offer to come back during school breaks.

What do people mean when they say to “network”?

@BenJPreston: Authentically connect with people who inspire you.

@callmekinsman: It’s about making genuine connections with people. Not just satisfying “what’s in it for me.”

‏@campusphilly: Networking=meeting people w/the same interests as you & staying in touch. It can happen everyday!

‏@campusphilly:  Ask 4 an informational interview & buy the coffee! That $1 can lead 2 a world of possibilities


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