March 10, 2016 |

Free Time Frenzy | Pop, Pixar and Potions


Spring is upon us, so let’s take full advantage of the beautiful, warm weather in Philly. Explore and see something new in the city.

There are many exhibitions opening or in full bloom, and we wanted you to be the first to know about these exciting opportunities. Use this guide, as a chance to visit some of the awesome museums Philly has to offer.

International Pop
At the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the new exhibit International Pop is popping. The exhibit is here until May 16th, so make sure to visit the timeless presentation of international pop art. It features displays from Andy Warhol, Jasper Johns, and popular international artists. If you purchase your student tickets online, the exhibit will only be $14 dollars (purchasing online saves you $5 dollars!)

The Science Behind Pixar
The Franklin Institute is opening the new exhibition, The Science Behind Pixar, on March 12th. The exhibit provides an inside look into your favorite Pixar characters from Buzz Lightyear to Nemo. If you have ever been interested in how movies and characters are produced, this exhibit will allow you to experiment and learn the creative process. Tickets for the exhibition start at $20 dollars.

Medical Oddities of Alice: Potions, Poisons, & Pathology
Join the Mutter Museum at 19 South 22nd Street to celebrate 150 years of the zany book, Alice in Wonderland. On March 15th at 6:30pm, the Mutter Museum will explore the Medical Oddities of Alice, presented by Anna Dhody and Dr. Grant T. Lui. This event at the Mutter Museum is co-sponsored with the Rosenbach Museum and Library, and requires an admission of $15, which includes access to the Mutter Museum from 5 to 6:30 pm.


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