March 17, 2016 |

ICYMI | Exploring America at the Flower Show


Every once in a while, it’s nice to escape the concrete jungle and hustle and bustle of the city to become one with nature again.

From March 5-13, and long before, the city was buzzing with talk about the annual Philadelphia Flower Show, which garnered visitors of all ages from all around the Greater Philadelphia Area and beyond.

This year’s theme, “Explore America,” took visitors on a cross-country trip, displaying some of the most fragrant, aesthetically pleasing national parks and sights the country has to offer: some that you may have never heard of before. If you’re a frequent traveler, this year’s Flower Show may just as well have fueled your wanderlust, inspiring new and exciting adventures. 

For one, the Philly Flower Show was both fun to look at an experience, and learning new things about our environment was quite literally “a walk in the park.” Next to each exhibit, guests were given the opportunity to read about it, and also find out more about the plants featured.

For those of you who weren’t able to make it, you’re in luck! We were there, fully awake and smelling the roses (literally) to bring you just a few of the highlights from the show. 

And can I just say…it was extremely “Insta-worthy.”

1. Animals Made from Plants
The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society truly brought our nation’s native creatures to life using various flowers, grasses, and more. For example, this bull, that looks fluffy enough to reach out and touch.


2. Homage to the City of Brotherly Love
I think we can all agree that a Liberty Bell constructed from red, white, and blue flowers, placed conveniently in front of the Constitution made us all proud to be Philadelphians.


3. A Quick Hike, No Boots or Canteens Required
The University of Delaware created an exhibit designed to make you feel like you were actually adventuring up a mountain, selfie opportunities included.


4. The Geyser at Yellowstone National Park
Old Faithful made a guest appearance at the show, erupting every 94 minutes or so on the big screen via webcam.262251_10209322239797421_5748553287011437732_n

5. About a Million Different Color Tulips
Think Tulips only come in yellow, red, pink and white? Think again!


6. A Gift for Every Nature-Lover
Aside from the exhibits, the show had merchants selling everything a plant enthusiast could need: from vases, pots, air plants, succulents, herbs, floral-inspired jewelry, and more, including these adorable little potted plants made of clay.

7. Trendy Art Displays
The show offered quite the variety of arrangements put together by local artists and college students alike, proving that the Earth truly is the best canvas, and Mother Nature is the best artist.


8. Abe Lincoln’s Humble Abode
Visitors were able to see an inside look at “Honest Abe’s” childhood home, as well as his garden and backyard, recreated to represent the various vegetation grown by his family.


9. A Bed Fit for a Queen
Aside from being possibly the prettiest bed on the planet, this was by far the most difficult attraction to take a photo of, due to the large crowd blocking the view.


10. Your Backyard Goals, Come to Life
If anything can be taken away from the Philly Flower Show, it’s that nature is pretty incredible.

Logan Beck, Campus Philly intern, TU 2016




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