March 22, 2016 |

#LegitCPTips: Keep Up with Your Resume


I don’t think there is anything more important for your career than this piece of paper: your resume. Your college years should be utilized to not only get a degree, but just importantly, to get experience.

  • Get an internship. Yes, your grades are very important, but if that is all that you have to put on your resume, employers won’t be as impressed with a high GPA with no industry experience. Before you graduate, you should have at least two internships to put on your resume. Many universities offer internship credit, take advantage of this.
  • Get a job, show you can work. This shows you possess time management skills, and you can also put a job position on your resume. Try to look for a job similar to what you want your career to be, but if not, any job is a valuable experience.
  • Join clubs and organizations. These offer great opportunities to participate in something great, and also, offer great leadership experiences and positions that you should take advantage of.
  • Volunteer. Show you can give back to the community and care about those in need. Volunteering makes you feel good! It also looks awesome on a resume and will make you stick out from the rest.
  • Start learning skills that are critical to have in your industry. Are you in Marketing? Learn how to use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Software. Social Work or Travel? Go as far as learning a language on a free app. These skills will shine on your resume.
  • Start a Blog or Personal Website. Show off your interests and passions. Blogs expand your resume that much further, and shows a more personal side of you to the employer.

Continue to update your resume regularly. Motivate yourself to always be adding new experiences and skills to it. Even though it might not seem, each semester you are gaining valuable experiences and skills that are assets to your future career.







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