April 4, 2016 |

#LegitCPtips | Making time your friend.


We all seem to continuously struggle with not having enough time in the day. Here are six tips to make time your friend.

  1. 15 minutes of planning can yield an extra hour of time. Carry a planner with you! As you go throughout the week create goals of tasks you need to complete each day, and use the planner as a way to keep you organized for future plans in the weeks to come.This way you don’t overbook your days and this prepares you to know what you have for your workload. Even go as far as scheduling appointments for yourself to block out time to do personal tasks or things you have been putting off.
  2.  Create and keep up with a to-do list. Make this list as broad or as specific as you want. If your day is hectic and you have a lot to do, write it down so you don’t let a task fall through and cross it out after you complete the task–this brings gratification and feelings of accomplishment.
  3. Devote your entire self to the task at hand. Clear out distractions for that time period. Turn off your phone, close your outside browsers, isolate yourself in a room until you are finished with what needs to be done. After you complete the task, treat yourself to a couple minutes doing something for yourself.
  4. Figure out what your biggest time-management hang-ups are. What causes you to loose focus and chunks of time if your day? Isolate that problem and try to work on not letting it eat up your day.
  5. Days are filled with plenty of “waiting time”. This is time wasted waiting at appointments, your subway ride, time on the elliptical. Utilize and use this time to be efficient. Find things you can get done during these windows. Need to read that chapter for the quiz? Bring your book!
  6. Sometimes you need to say “No.” Taking on a lot of appointments and commitments can help you manage time, but do not overdo it. At some point you need to learn to decline opportunities. Only take on things you know you have time for and ones that you actually care about.


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