April 5, 2016 |

What Makes a Student Leader?


Keyonna Butler – Philly U
Being a student leader at Philadelphia University has been a great way to connect with great people and learn about many amazing opportunities. Being part of organizations here has helped me network with like-minded students who are ready to make a change in fashion and helped me with my confidence, steering me away from being shy.

Deepika Satyadev – Drexel  
My name is Deepika and I am a Dragon; well, not the fire-breathing kind. I am a sophomore at Drexel University majoring in Marketing/International Business. In February, I participated in the Corporate Advisory Council meeting. I had the chance to speak with Philly professionals across various industries and share my thoughts on how they can retain Philadelphia’s college graduates. While I have been asked about my thoughts innumerable times before this meeting, I never felt like I was being heard. However, at this meeting, I was able to use my experiences as a student and working adult to provide some insight. Reasons like this make me extremely proud and happy to be a part of the Student Leader Network.

Kawtar Latrech – CCP/Temple 
“The Path of Possibilities,” that’s our motto! Community College of Philadelphia has taught me that when one door closes another one opens. To be a student leader here is similar to other college; strong academics, leadership skills, and motivation. It’s not the easiest job in the world but at the end of the day it is sure worth the hard work and effort. Besides, I am proud to be a Colonial!

Antonia Nuzzolo – Rowan 
Being a leader is not easy, but it a challenge that I have embraced here at Rowan University. I currently hold many leadership positions on campus one of the most rewarding aspects about being a leader is when students of all ages genuinely look up to me for guidance. I still do seek help from others, but I have proved to students here, through my confidence and positive attitude, that I am a worthy mentor.

Bryant Washington – Arcadia 
To be a Student Leader at Arcadia University you must be driven and willing to take opportunities. Arcadia does a great job at creating opportunities available for students, but it’s up to the students to keep an open eye and open mind to what is available. As a student leader, it is up to me to spark a fire among the student body, I must motivate, inspire, and assist students to achieve in the community that we have here at AU.

Yue Xiang – Haverford 
Haverford students jokingly refer Haverford as the “Haverbubble”. In this beautiful boutique campus, we have a duck pond, maybe a tab too many Canadian geese, an Honor Code, and most importantly, some of the most brilliant, and creative people I have ever met. With that said, being a student leader on this campus means creating my own legacy. By the time I have to leave Haverford, there may be people who remember the advice that I gave, a mistake I made, but moreover, the inspirations that we shared, the drive and the self-starting spirit that extend beyond the “Haverbubble”.  That will be my legacy at Haverford.


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