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Meeting Philly One Bike Ride at a Time || I Want to Ride My Bicycle


We’re riding into the summer on two wheels and want you to join our pack! Below you’ll find upcoming bike rides that are bound to get you pumped, tire pun intended.

Bicycles + Exploration = Bikesploration (Round 2)
Hidden City and SPOKE Magazine have teamed up again to present a four tour series of bicycle explorations. Three of the tours are brand new (Camden was offered once last year) and we’re not sure when–or if–they’ll be coming back, so catch them while you can.

#TheMoreYouKnow: Only $10 for Students.

Full Moon Bike Ride on June 20th
Another month passes. Another Full Moon. And it is the Strawberry Moon! We will meet up at the bottom steps of the Art Museum. A day or two before the ride, the route will be announced. Try to get to the ride at 8:30PM. The route can be approximately 10 miles. It will not always be as long. It may be up to 15 miles depending on where the route goes past.

#TheMoreYouKnow: The end will be at a random bar. This is the same as the park. It won’t always be at the same bar. The main goal is a cheap bar, but the other goal is a safe place and bike locking.

Women Bike PHL Coffee Club 
Each Wednesday — next one of June 15th at La Colombe Fishtown — we meet at a different coffee shop in Philadelphia for Coffee Club — an informal gathering where Philly’s women bicyclists can share tips, rant, support, celebrate, and, most importantly….CAFFEINATE together.

#TheMoreYouKnow: Curious about biking but haven’t quite gotten pedaling yet? You’re welcome too! Bring your ideas, questions, announcements, and good cheer!

The Vintage Jaunt 
On June 25th, Ride north on the D&L Canal Trail to New Hope where they will cross the river to Lambertville for lunch and antique shopping. Lunch is included in the cost of the ticket. The ride is aproximately 14 miles round trip and we will ride at a leasurly pace.

#TheMoreYouKnow: You are encouraged to wear a snappy outfit on this vintage jaunt. Tweed is excellent for biking, we hear.

RideDNC — Broad Street Ride
An 11.5-mile trip down Broad Street to FDR Park on Wednesday, July 27, the third night of the political convention. Organizers have billed their event as “antiprotest.” Instead, they are hoping the bike ride will be an inclusive experience where people can respectfully express their political opinions, whatever they may be.

#TheMoreYouKnow: Once the bikers reach FDR Park, the event will turn into something of a dance party. The organizers hope some delegates will wander over from Wells Fargo Center.


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