October 18, 2016 |

Going Places: What an internship can do for you


Written by Debora Charmelus, Campus Philly Program Manager

You have heard how important it is to get an internship, but it can be hard to understand its importance until you’ve experienced it. An internship can do more than just pad your resume– it can provide you with lifelong connections and insight into your career. We asked some interns at Avis Budget Group  how their internships helped them, and they gave us great feedback on why it’s important to snag one.

1.You’ll grow as a professional and gain experience outside of your internship role. 

“Even though I was an intern in the accounting department, the projects I worked on sometimes came from other groups. During my internship, all of the work I was doing was real and important to the organization. There was growth throughout the summers I interned. I built my experience and gained more responsibilities”– Maura Green

2.You’ll figure your next step and beyond by meeting people who have found success. 

“By getting the chance to speak with and listen to influential people within the company, I learned where I want to be, got a glimpse into where a career can lead, and figured out what it is I want to do.”– Maura Green

3.You’ll have an actual impact on the success of an organization. 

“The experience I gained from an internship could have never been taught in school. Although I was only an intern part-time, I still learned a lot. The company I worked for allowed interns to work hands on with their systems and gave us real work to do.”– Genesis Mesa Ramirez

4.You’ll get your foot in the door of an organization that might end up becoming 
your employer. 

“Treat the internship like an interview. Every project that is assigned or any opportunity that is given, take full advantage of to be a stand-out intern.”– Jon Kaplan

5.You’ll create connections that will last.  

“What made me excited for work was the time I spent with other interns. The relationships I built were unforgettable and I am very fortunate I got to grow with them throughout the 12 week internship.”– Maura Green

Want to gain these benefits and more? Connect with employers who are looking for interns during our Online Job and Internship Fair, Oct 24-28. All you have to do to participate in the fair is  create an account and start searching.


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