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Students of Philadelphia: Meet Kelsey from Arcadia University


“Students of Philadelphia” showcases just a few of the many talented and creative students that inhabit our amazing city. In this mini series, we will introduce you to some of Philly’s young, talented and ambitious students.  

Meet Kelsey Pendergast from Arcadia University:

Students of Philadelphia: Kelsey Pendergast from Campus Philly on Vimeo.

Can’t get enough of Kelsey and her awesome scientific illustration? Here’s a little more about her!

Zipporah Dixon: Hey Kels! Would you mind introducing yourself to us?

Kelsey Pendergast: Hi! I’m Kelsey, an artist at Arcadia University studying scientific illustration!

ZD: What was your first impression of Philadelphia? What do you think of it now?

KP: Since I grew up right outside of DC, it was kind of just different and new to me. Philly has really grown on me and I actually miss it when I go home.

ZD: What’s your favourite neighborhood in Philly? Do you have a special place in Philly that’s your special, (perhaps) getaway spot?

KP: I have a few! I really like Germantown, because it’s cute, quaint, and has a whole bunch of local shops. Another one would be Fishtown because of vibrant Frankord Avenue that’s home to great restaurants, shops and La Colombe’s headquarters.

ZD: Since you moved to Philadelphia, have you discovered something new about yourself?

KP: One thing that’s definitely changed while I’ve been living here is my art style. Before, I didn’t do color at all, I avoided it like the plague! My advisor/professor had a lot of projects that had to deal with color, so it was you either do this or you fail. It forced me to get into an area that I never really experienced and I actually really enjoy it so, it’s fun.

ZD: What is your artform/creative expression? Can you show us?

KP: Scientific illustration! Mostly medical art, I really like to explore the human body through figure drawings, I do a lot of drawing in my science classes and I can’t wait to get more into the medical side of it!

ZD: How has Philadelphia influenced your artform? Has the city inspired you in any way?

KP: A lot of my photography has been in Philly, because I thought Philly would be really cool to photograph. My favorite photo day was when the Pope came in, there was a grata and everyone put prayers on it and tied them to the structures outside the church, it was a lot of fun to photograph.

ZD: Have you immersed yourself into Philadelphia’s art scene? Have you considered it?

KP: I’d like to! I really like the mural concepts, I’m trying to look into an apprenticeship with one of my professors who does murals throughout Philly, so I’d really like to get into that.

ZD: So we know about the Cheesesteak scene here in Philadelphia, but where’s your favorite place in Philly to grab a bite to eat? Have a cuppa joe?

KP: Oh man, this is a hard question for me! I am a BIG fan of sushi, so Queen Sushi is my go-to. Oh and Wawa! Keswick Tavern, that’s a good local one.

ZD: What’s your one piece of advice for those considering coming to Philly for school?

KP: Explore the city. I know a lot of people who say, ‘I don’t want to go into the city, that’s a long way.’ It’s not far, and it’s a $7 trip there, $7 back! Some kind of awesome event is always happening and there’s so much to explore. Going into the city was one of the things that made me feel at home, especially freshman year. Walk down a main street, check out some shops, have dinner– do whatever you want! Just don’t stay cramped up in your dorm room.

So that’s a bit about Kelsey! Check back soon for our next featured Student of Philadelphia!


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