January 30, 2017 |

Get to Know: Campus Philly’s Spring Interns


As a welcome exercise, I asked my spring interns–Haley, Dan and Lindsay– to share their Philadelphia story– how they found out about Campus Philly internship opportunities, what they hope to learn and what their perfect day in Philadelphia is like. 

Haley Monson, Brynn Monaghan, Dan Jacob and Lindsay Allen

Hi! I’m Haley Monson and I’m the new Multimedia Intern for Campus Philly. I am a senior at University of the Arts but I have been living and exploring Philadelphia for five years. Campus Philly has been a huge part of my college experience as a student and a residential assistant so it felt like a natural step to apply for the internship. I found the position on their Online Job & Internship Fair, which I encourage all of you to explore in March! My goals for this internship are to:

-Narrow my focus on post grad opportunities I want to pursue

-Develop a better understanding of Philadelphia’s animation needs in the workplace

-Find what best reaches audiences and connects the Philadelphia community

-Have fun!

My perfect day in Philadelphia usually starts at Penn’s Landing hanging out by the water and ends with sneaking cheese samples from Di Bruno Bros near Rittenhouse, most likely while catching Pokémon on my phone. I am also partial to sitting by myself in Ritz at the Bourse and watching indie films.

Dan Jacob, Editorial Intern at Campus Philly, here! I am currently a junior at Community College of Philadelphia with a focus in Business Administration. Finding out about this position at Campus Philly took a bit of patience. I probably Googled something like “Philadelphia internships,” which led me to Campus Philly’s website. Ironically, after using Campus Philly to apply to as many internships as I could, I scored a position here.

During my internship at Campus Philly, I want to:

-Listen and collaborate with as many people as possible.

-Develop my skill set alongside my fellow interns is something I strongly look forward to. Upon meeting them I was astounded by their varying backgrounds, interests, and future goals. I hope to gain insight on content creation by collaborating with young talented people, under the guidance of the Campus Philly team.

-Furthermore, I would like to see what it feels like to be a part of a team that enables students to make the best of their opportunities.

Campus Philly aligns seamlessly with my idea of a perfect day in Philly. To me a perfect day in Philly starts by doing inspiring and creative work, grabbing a bite to eat somewhere downtown, followed by taking part in whatever event Philadelphia offers on that given day.  

Hello there! I’m Lindsay Allen a freshmen at Temple University studying Film and Media Studies and a minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management.  I am not native to the wonderful city of Philadelphia— or even the state of Pennsylvania—but I am far from being a newbie to the city life, and hope one day soon to be considered a savvy, well-informed Philadelphian. When I moved here from Maryland, I was eager to dive into the city and take in everything it had to offer. As I sat alone in my newly decorated box, a.k.a. my dorm room, I noticed a tiny booklet on my desk. To hold my homesick tears back, I began to mindlessly flip through it. I realized this information was useful and would soon be my key to getting around and learning more about this great city.

That booklet was Campus Philly’s Insider Guide to Philadelphia, my first introduction to this great non-profit organization. I quickly followed them on every social media they had to offer and started to scope out the website. I quickly discovered their job and internship portal and started on my journey to fulfill my dream of interning in the city.

As the Editorial Intern, I will be working alongside Brynn Monaghan, the Editorial Director, to create the 2017-2018 Insider Guide and hopefully inspire more students to take a chance and explore this magical city. I have also been given the task to explore the city and write about my adventures, and I am super excited. I hope I can reach the college students of Philadelphia and get them off campus and into the city for the true Philadelphia college experience.

I still have so much to do here, but I think my perfect day in Philly is the day you do not intend on that happen to be the best. I am a runner and I like to capitalize on my surroundings through my runs, which makes it all the better. I can run for miles on end and see anything from the foliage to the skyscrapers and whatever is in between.


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