February 13, 2017 |

Prepare to Launch: Merging Your Personal with Your Professional Life


By Debora Charmelus, Campus Philly Program Manager

When searching for a new gig, you want to put your best foot forward but you shouldn’t sacrifice your being your true authentic self. More often we see employers who want to see your personality just as much as they want to know about your skills. How you can mix your personal with professional life? Campus Philly has got your back with some tips:

    • Don’t Be Afraid To Bring Up Your Interests
      Are you involved in a sports club outside of school? Cool. Do you play Baritone saxophone in a polka band? Awesome. Do you spend every Thursday making polymer clay figures? Even better. These are all real life experiences that give you professional skills such as, leadership, the ability to work in a team and patience. Don’t limit yourself by assuming you have no experience. In everything you do you gain something that can be applied to your future.
    • Treat each conversation like…a conversation
      Whether you meet a potential employer at a Campus Philly event, your university’s career fair or in line at Saxby’s, the one thing in-person interactions have in common is that they involve people. It’s incredibly helpful to plan a 30 second pitch that states your name, why you chose your major and your aspirations in life but when in you’re in doubt ask the person you’re talking to questions! After all, people love to talk about themselves and it helps show them how interested you are. These questions can be about the company culture, day to day tasks and what they like most about their career. Just remember that you’re getting to know them just as much as they are getting to know you.
    • Find a gig that puts your passion at the center When you apply for a gig that you’re genuinely excited about, that organization can tell. Try to find an organization that reflects your interest outside of school or a position that allows you to use skills that are fun to you. Then be sure to let that passion show in your customized cover letter or application.

Campus Philly’s Online Job and Internship Week — March 27- 31– allows you to easily search through hundreds of jobs and internships to find the right fit. Campusphilly.org/launch  makes it easy for you to show off your personality through a customized profile while using the matching software to find job and internships that are specific to your needs. What are you waiting for? Make your profile today!


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