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Going Down SOUTH (on N. Broad Street)

Going Down SOUTH (on N. Broad Street)

Last week Campus Philly invited a few students out to SOUTH Kitchen & Jazz Parlor to experience fine southern cuisine and incredible jazz music. Along with promoting Jazz Appreciation Month, the Bynum Brothers (who also own Warmdaddy’s, Relish, and Green Soul) are looking to spread the love of jazz music to the young and young at heart alike. Below are two quotes from Bryant and Zakiyy who were in attendance. Make sure you also check out SOUTH Kitchen & Jazz Parlor every Wednesday night in April to receive deals and discounts like half-off tickets for the second set!

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Students should listen to jazz more because it is the mother of the music we listen to today. I’m new to jazz, but in my most recent outings I have heard live jazz music. After each time I’ve left feeling better than when I entered the room. And on top of that, I’ve been able to pick up hints of jazz in modern day music. Many artists today build their beats and tones from jazz music, but if you don’t know where those sounds come from how can you truly appreciate it? Listening to jazz has helped me appreciate my music more.

If college students truly appreciated music, they would know more about jazz. In life you can never truly value something if you don’t know where it comes from or what it means. Students should listen to jazz in order to learn more about the history and true art of music.

Bryant O. Washington
Temple University, ‘18

Jazz is a music and lifestyle that stems from African American culture that has weaved its way through several other popular genres of music, such as R&B, hip hop, pop, and some forms of rock. Last week, I attended a nice dinner at SOUTH with Cory from Campus Philly and a few other students. The atmosphere upon entering was automatically a great vibe. The interior décor really complimented the theme of southern cooking and as an artist I enjoyed the visuals. This was my second time having dinner there and I will definitely be back. The jazz side of the restaurant is separated for the reason I guess to be so the sound and ambiance of the live sounds can be amplified.

The food at SOUTH was very delicious and embodied what a southern menu should exemplify. I had the seafood gumbo, which left me beyond satisfied. The taste of the food was blended harmoniously and I also loved the presentation of the food. Overall, a great experience!

Zakiyy Williams
La Salle University, ‘21


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