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Part 1: What’s Your Philly Story?


College is an adventure – an adventure about the discovery, creation, and development of your story! Campus Philly is starting a new series called “What’s Your Philly Story?” where we share students’ stories of what brought them to Philly, why they love it here, and how they’re making the most of this awesome city.

We reached out to a few students from different schools and varying studies to tell us about their college experience, sharing what makes their education and story so special.

We want to hear YOUR story! Tag @CampusPhilly on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook or send us an email and tell us why you chose to go to school in Philly, and why you think this city is the best.

Amanda Morrison ‘20

Temple University (Global Studies, Strategic Communication)

Amanda ventured to the East Coast to study the world, and she hasn’t been disappointed by her experience! “I’m originally from Missouri, so moving to Philadelphia was a huge decision. I chose to attend Temple University because it offered everything I was looking for: a liberal arts education in an urban setting, an affordable but unique degree programs, and an outstanding faculty. I chose to pursue a Global Studies major because I have always been passionate about the effects of politics and economics on people all across the globe, not just in the U.S. The major allows me to study history and politics on a global level. It’s truly an interdisciplinary program, as I’ve taken classes in Criminal Justice, History, Environmental Studies, and Political Science.”

“I have a Strategic Communication double major, so even though I’m studying the science of how to communicate in addition to the liberal arts, all of my classes play off of one another so well. For example, all in one day I have classes on Argumentation, International Politics, and Social Movements. Even though these three classes teach different principles and ideas, many of the same thematic elements are evident in all of them. It’s so fun to go from an argumentation class where we are discussing different debate styles to a politics class where we discuss how international leaders debate about various issues. And then I head over to my class on social movements where we talk about how politics and debate shape protests. So all of my classes play off of each other incredibly well.”

Shibani Mody ‘22

Drexel University (Political Science, International Business, Economics)

Shibani is a triple major at Drexel. WOW! “I chose Drexel because I love the urban setting and the amazing city of Philadelphia. Drexel has so much to offer and I knew that I could succeed here. I chose my majors based on my interests and passions, I believe it is vital for teens and college students to be involved with politics and have a sense of what is going on in the country and world because it will only benefit us as leaders of tomorrow. I want to be able to be involved with politics in the future and make a difference.

“Something that makes my college experience special is the extreme close friend group that I have. We all met over a Drexel group chat in April and the 13 of us have been so close ever since then, I don’t think there’s a day where we don’t see each other. The best part about my friends is having a support system no matter where you go or what you do. No matter what I go through or how much work I have, knowing that I have my best friends right behind me motivates me.”

Lavonne Nichols ‘19

Eastern University Graduate Program (Organizational Leadership)

Lavonne chose Eastern University to incorporate faith into her education. A close community on a small Main Line campus, Eastern gives students the courage to”follow their passions, academically and spiritually. “I get the amazing opportunity to be in a class with other dynamic leaders from around the globe who through our faith and dedication hope to impact the world around us.

“What makes this academic experience special is that I get to apply everything that I learn in my studies immediately within my community.” In the Philly area, companies and communities need leaders like Lavonne who venture off campus and actively create projects for themselves, engaging with the public using her critical thinking and organizational skills. “I was able to use that skill to devise and plan a summer recruitment plan for my current job.”

Marissa Baum ‘19

Villanova University (Communications)

“Having gone through Catholic education all of my life, I realized after I transferred from another university that I wanted to be back in Philadelphia, and Villanova just ticked all the boxes! I chose to study Communications because I love entertainment and thought it was a perfect program to blend my creativity and business, and I was totally right. I’m able to tailor my classes to what I want to focus on – which I love!”

Philly offers high-end recourses for students and professionals alike, and Marissa is ready to take every opportunity! “Being able to go to college near Philly has helped me grow so much. I have so many things at my disposal: fascinating museums, a great food scene, and a diverse community. It also offers so many great job opportunities. As a Communications major, I’ve interned for: Where Magazine – Philly, Philadelphia Style Magazine, and Vanguard in Malvern. These are what made my college experience, because I got to see hands on what makes this city tick, and met so many cool people along the way.”


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