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Finding a Community in the City – An Interview with Anthony Malerba of Comcast


Throughout the Campus Philly Launch Series, we’ve provided college students in the Philly area with opportunities to learn about the different career options available to them at networking events and panel discussions packed with experts from all different industries. We’ve seen countless connections between students and employers, and are thrilled to give students unique opportunities to learn about thriving and hiring companies in and around Philly.

One of these companies is Comcast based right in Center City Philadelphia! We had the chance to sit down with Anthony Malerba, Senior Digital Paid Search Analyst,  to learn more about his experiences and how he ended up at Comcast!

Tell us a bit about Comcast. What is it like to work there?

What drew me to Comcast is that it offered an experience I had not yet had in my career – the opportunity to work for a large technology company. My previous roles were at a non-profit organization, and at a marketing agency. Comcast was an exciting, new challenge to take on. Comcast is no longer just your everyday cable, internet, and phone company. It is adapting to the new ways people use technology and changing its business strategy to align with this.

What is your current position at Comcast?  What does your day-to-day look like? What excites you most about your job?

I manage paid search engine marketing as part of the Xfinity Digital team. The day-to-day involves reporting on recent campaign performance, budget management, making real-time keyword and ad copy optimizations, and creating strategies to reach our business goals. Never let anyone tell you paid search isn’t a sexy tactic! At Comcast, I’m most excited that our team is truly working hard to offer great experiences online, which will go a long way toward improving our overall customer service reputation.

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What college did you go to and what was your major?  How has your academic career prepared you for your professional career?

I graduated from Rowan University, with a BA in Communication. I’ve heard a lot of people say they work in a field unrelated to their major, but my first role was in public relations, which aligned with my college studies. I’ve since moved on from PR, but my communications background has continued to be an integral part of my work. Whether it’s writing customer-facing ad copy or presenting to colleagues or clients, I take pride in effectively communicating with others.

Were there any clubs or organizations you were involved with in college that you feel help you in your career today?

Public Relations Student Society of America. It provided opportunities to meet new people and allowed me to get a feel for professional life by working on projects and volunteering for events.

Coming out of college is a culture shock to most students.  Can you tell us about your experience transitioning from college to the real world? 

Every emotion you could possibly feel is what I felt as I hit the real world. At first, I was frustrated because it took a few months after graduation to land my first job. But after speaking with professionals who had been through it before, I realized it was just the beginning of a long journey, and new opportunities would come along if I remained persistent.

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What about Philly made you want to stay and work in the area? What is your favorite part of having a career in Philly?

So many things! Philly is a very accessible city. I’ve always used public transit or walked to work. Don’t even get me started on how good the food is here. You need to take a break from work to eat lunch, right? Also, the marketing community here is very connected, which is impressive given Philly’s size. In general, Philly sometimes feels like a small town, especially when you venture out of Center City and explore its more authentic neighborhoods. And finally, the Sixers are fun to watch after a long day at the office.

How do you build your professional network? How does connecting with others help you in your career?

Take every day in the office and every meeting as an opportunity to network. If there’s a new face in the room, I want to introduce myself to him or her. It’s like LinkedIn but in real life! I don’t think there’s any hidden benefit of networking. It’s simple: the more professionals you know, the more people you can reach out to when you’re ready to advance your career. The same goes for when others need your support in their careers.  

If you could offer one piece of advice to a college freshman, what would it be?

Stay hydrated! Oh but for real, explore. I felt like I needed to pick a major right away, and I did so before starting college. A few months in to freshman year, I knew I couldn’t stick with it for four years, much less for a career, so I pivoted. If you have doubts about your college path, talk to your advisors and to other students to help explore what interests you. There is a lot out there, and you have time.

If you could offer one piece of advice to a college senior who is soon to graduate, what would you tell them?

Seek out companies you’re interested in, research them, set up informational interviews or schedule a coffee with an employee. Don’t be discouraged if they’re not hiring at the time. You’ve put yourself out there and hopefully have made an impression they’ll remember when the time comes to fill an open role.

For more advice on using every moment to your advantage and discovering your life and career, visit the Campus Philly Launch site at CampusPhilly.org/Launch! Check out some of our previous interview blogs for advice on finding your career, and follow Campus Philly on Instagram (@CampusPhilly) to find out about more events that can connect you with exciting events in Philly, fellow college students, and your perfect career match.


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