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Land Your Dream Job during Intern Philly, March 19-29, 2019


Looking for your next internship, or graduating this spring and unsure of your next steps?  Well you’re in luck! Campus Philly (that’s us) is hosting a virtual career fair, called Intern Philly, from March 19 to 29.  Hundreds of companies will post jobs and internships for both college students and recent graduates, through the Campus Philly Launch site!

·             Campus Philly’s Launch site is a simple and user friendly website that connects young adults to professionals looking to hire for internships and full time positions – of all majors and interests in the Greater Philadelphia Area! 

·             Each week, we’ll list the top five careers of that week on the Launch site, which gives viewers an easy way to find the most unique and exciting jobs in Philly. 

·             The Launch site has hundreds of jobs and internships from a wide range of employers from big companies like Vanguard and Comcast, to small startups and non-profits – so you are sure to find something that sparks your interest! Intern Philly, March 19-29, is the week where employers post the most jobs and internships in the spring semester.

·  Joining the Launch site is so easy – just create an account at campusphilly.org/launch and follow a few easy steps to get started!

·  Launch site users will receive exclusive emails with job tips, career events, and new job listings – so you won’t want to miss out (your dream job could be in those emails!)

To learn more about what it’s like to work for some of Philly’s top companies, read our recent blog posts featuring a “Day in the Life” perspective from current employees:

·  Finding a Community in the City – An Interview with Anthony Malerba of Comcast

·   Discovering Philly on a Journey to Vanguard – An Interview with Colleen Evans

·  Being an Advocate for Yourself – An Interview with Jennifer Kurowski, VP, Creative Director at Digitas Health


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