April 18, 2019 |

Three reasons why you should become a Philadelphia Parks & Recreation lifeguard


Philadelphia Parks & Recreation hires dozens of lifeguards for both the summer season and year-round for our indoor pools. The starting salary for all Parks & Rec lifeguards is $13.65 per hour. To be considered for a position, you must pass a lifeguard screening given by a water safety instructor.

Lifeguard screenings and certification courses are underway. You can use our Finder tool to search for times and locations for screenings.. We’d love to have you become part of our lifeguard team. Here are a few reasons why you should consider applying today!

Learn valuable career skills

Becoming a Philadelphia Parks & Recreation lifeguard will help you gain leadership skills that you can carry with you throughout your professional career. A lifeguard develops and sharpens valuable leadership skills like:  

Public speaking– Lifeguards address large crowds of swimmers daily to provide them with the rules for swimming at a public pool.

Discipline- Lifeguards must have the necessary discipline to stay in good shape to maintain their stamina and learn the swimming techniques needed to save lives. They also need to possess the ability to stay focused while watching swimmers without getting distracted.

Teamwork-  Depending on the size of the pool, each Philly pool is supervised by a team of three to five lifeguards. This team develops a bond and common respect that enables them to effectively keep the public safe and provide an inviting and fun atmosphere for all visitors.

Emotional intelligence–  Working with the public requires strong communications skills and the ability to empathize with people who have different life experiences then you.  Good lifeguards are able to use both of these skills to help keep swimmers safe and make everyone feel welcome.

Give back through public service

Philly’s public pools are an oasis for all Philadelphians. In addition to providing the public with a place to cool off during the summer months, Philly’s public pools offer opportunities for young people to learn how to swim, adults to get fit through Aqua Zumba classes, and residents to find their zen through poolside yoga. All of these programs are available to the public because we have great lifeguards that patrol our pools daily to help the public stay safe during all activities.

Additionally, being a Philadelphia Parks & Recreation lifeguard can serve as a critical stepping stone in a public service career.  The opportunity provides people with a glimpse of what it takes to be a public servant. In fact, many current senior-level Parks & Recreation employees got their start with the department working as lifeguards.

Become an important member of a Philadelphia neighborhood

Working at one of Philly’s public pools will allow you to connect with Philadelphia neighborhoods in a deep and meaningful way. Each Philadelphia neighborhood has unique traditions and characteristics that make them interesting places to work, live, and play.

Spending a summer in any one of Philly’s neighborhoods will expose you to new restaurants, cultural institutions, and passionate community members. The distinct flavor of each neighborhood will allow you to have many unique experiences while patrolling a neighborhood pool.  

What are you waiting for? Philadelphia Parks & Recreation is currently hiring more than 400 lifeguards for the summer season. Apply to become a lifeguard today!


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