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Best Spots for Ice Cream and Water Ice in Philly

johns water ice

The weather’s finally heating up and that means it’s time to indulge in some sweet frozen treats! Check out our favorite water ice (pronounced “wooder ice”) and ice cream places below and be sure to tag @CampusPhilly in your posts – we’re always looking for #FoodieFriday content, and let’s be real, some of these ice cream sundaes below can essentially be classified as artwork!

Franklin Fountain

Franklin Fountain is a Philly staple with a great old-timey feel and tons of interesting and tasty flavors! If you aren’t feeling a normal sundae or scoop, stop by the Franklin Ice Cream Bar next door if you’re feeling like having one of their delicious homemade ice cream bars.   

John’s Water Ice

It doesn’t get more classically Philly than John’s Water Ice! Anyone pairing homemade water ice with a soft pretzel knows what they’re doing, and this place has been around for ages (since 1945!) for good reason – it’s the best water ice.

Little Baby’s

This homemade, small batch Philly-owned ice cream shop is always coming out with new flavors whether it’s Speculoos, or Smoked Cinnamon, there’s always something new to try at Little Baby’s!


This Fishtown favorite is known for their inventive flavors and tasty ice cream sandwiches! Try the honeysuckle flavor – its a crowd favorite!

Photo from @manayunkmade

Sweet Charlie’s

Rolled ice cream is all the rage and Sweet Charlies does it best! Each serving is made to order so there’s tons of room to make it your own.  Photo from Sweet Charlie’s Instagram.


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