Mastering LinkedIn: Everything You Need to Know


Creating Your Profile

Let’s start with the basics. Creating your profile on LinkedIn is the first step towards making connections, sharing your wins with your audience, developing your career, and everything in between.

Here are our team’s tips on building your profile:

  • “First, get a decent headshot.” –Bianca, Partnerships Coordinator
  • “Add your past and current roles, and include a description of the company or your core responsibilities!” –Ashley, Content Marketing Manager
  • “Next, add all of your clubs and volunteer gigs, and pick a cover image that embodies your personality or goals.” –Ashlie, VP, Partnerships
  • “And don’t forget to turn your status to “open to new opportunities,” so that recruiters and employers can find you easily! It makes your job-hunting so much easier, because sometimes, the roles come to you.” – Marissa, Engagement Director

Making Connections and Adding Endorsements

Why are connections so important? Well, connections are your link (no pun intended) to job opportunities, and a good fit may just come your way if you’ve got the right people in your corner.

Here’s how to get started:

  • “LinkedIn will do most of the hard work for you, whether it’s finding people who you may know from your phone’s contact list or populating profiles of people you may have met while in school—when just beginning your network, start there!” –Ashley
  • “Connect with everyone who has your dream job.” –Bianca
  • When asking for a connection, always add a message that briefly explains why you’d like to connect. Plus, ask for endorsements and recommendations from people you’ve studied with or worked on projects with, and return the favor!” –Ashlie
  • “In that same vein, if you’ve had an internship or work-study position on campus, ask your supervisor to “endorse” you for certain skills. Great at social media? Experienced in project management? Add those skills to your profile, and ask your supervisor to let the LinkedIn world know, too, just how good you are.” Marissa

Companies to Connect with on Our Launch Site
Plus, their tips for LinkedIn success.

  • “Make sure to not only connect with people to expand your network, but to also join different groups.  Groups that are aligned with your area of study or aspirations almost always lead to additional connections!”
  • “Add rich content to your profile.  Adding things like a portfolio sample, writing sample, blog post, etc. allow you to stand out from the crowd and showcase your amazing work up front.”

Tips provided by Brittany Simmons, Talent & Development Program Manager, People & Culture Business Partner at Accolade. Connect with Accolade on LinkedIn!

Going the Extra Mile

There are some LinkedIn users who just stand out, but there’s always a way to separate yourself from the pack, whether it’s writing a killer summary, using visual media, and so much more!

Here are our tips on going the extra mile, along with some more advice straight from students:

  • “Customize your profile’s URL! Not only will this make it easier to share with employers, but it’ll make you easier to find. Check out LinkedIn’s steps to do this here.” –Ashley
  • “If there’s a career you’re interested in, find that person and ask them about their career.” –Kay, @kay.angelique14
  • “Take advantage of any free trial, like LinkedIn Learning, especially when you’re on the job hunt.” – Ashley
  • “Get as many connections as possible!” – Cami, @camihickman
  • “While LinkedIn allows you to “Easy Apply,” if there’s an email address to contact in the job description, always send a personalized email to the employer instead. You’ll stand out from the other applicants who didn’t put in this extra little bit of effort to make it personal.” – Marissa
  • “Make connections with your teachers, classmates, and special guest lecturers!” – Angie, @__angie5__
  • “Download the LinkedIn app and turn on your notifications. You’ll never miss a thing!” – Ashley

The best advice we could ever give, though, is to simply start today! Take the time to create your profile (and keep it updated!), make connections with those you know and send a message to those with careers you’d love to have, and utilize LinkedIn’s many tools for success—then, of course, share those wins with your audience.

BONUS: Check out Juno’s Best Practices for Remote Interviewing so you’re ready for that next step, and reach out to us on Instagram if you have any questions.

We’re always here to help!


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