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This Team of Drexel Grads is Innovating the Drink Industry with Upcycled Avocado Seeds


Tell us about Reveal.

Reveal is a woman-owned beverage company founded by two food scientists. Our company focuses on creating upcycled and sustainable food products to help combat food waste. During our time working in the Drexel Food Lab, we realized how much waste comes from the unloved and unused parts of food, especially the avocado. After conducting extensive research we eventually learned that we only consume 5% of the antioxidants in an avocado. The other 95% gets thrown away with the seed and peel. 

For the past two years, we have been running tests, performing market research, and perfecting our formula to create a ready-to-drink beverage made directly from the avocado seed. We partner with local Philly restaurants to save their seeds before they make it to the landfill where they get trapped between layers of plastic and form greenhouse gases.

Did you know: the seeds of the avocado contain 57% of the antioxidants of avocado!

Why Philly?

We’re based in Philly because this is where our community is. We’ve received so much help from teachers and advisors that we want to give back to the community that’s given to us. We love the pride and support that comes with being Philly-made, and the people here are our extended family. We are both very driven and hardworking people but of course, we have our slow days, just like everyone else.

What keeps us going is the mutual support we have for each other and our desire to make all the people rallying behind us proud. Our goal is to make a product that is good for you and good for the environment, and to eventually find a way to use this system with all of our food. 

Sheetal’s lessons learned in starting a business

The most important thing I’ve learned from starting my own business is the importance of doing something every day. Every little thing that you do adds up, and the next thing you know, you’ve accomplished something massive.

Also, never underestimate the power of a strong network. Reach out to people—there are so many people willing to reach back. I’ve learned to focus on growing as a person, not just as an entrepreneur. Doing this will make you incredibly valuable to the business, but also to other people.


How can we get our hands on a bottle of Reveal?

While we are not currently in stores, in spring 2020, Reveal will be available for purchase on our website and local retailers in Philadelphia. To find out when and where we are available stay connected through email by signing up on www.drinkreveal.com and follow us on Instagram, @DrinkReveal.

Sheetal Bahirat graduated from SBMJC college in Bangalore, India and Zuri Masud graduated from Howard University in Washington, DC. Both Sheetal and Zuri earned their master’s degree in Food Science from Drexel University, graduating in 2019.



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