Philly Tech Stories: Utsav Panchal, Global Search Marketing Manager at Elastic


This interview is part of the City of Philadelphia’s Most Diverse Tech Hub initiative. Campus Philly is featuring the “Philly stories” of Black and Brown tech founders, entrepreneurs, and young professionals who are making an impact in the region, demonstrating why the Philadelphia region IS the most diverse tech hub.

Utsav Panchal is originally from Chicago and is now living in Philadelphia. He joined the Elastic team two years ago after deciding to make a switch from his agency background where he focused on Business-to-Consumer projects (think clothing stores or sporting goods stores). 

As the Global Search Marketing Manager at Elastic, Utsav leads the Search Engine Marketing department where he is responsible for the company’s marketing operations on sites like Google, Bing, and other display ads websites. Utsav has a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Corporate Communications from Northern Illinois University. Some hobbies of his include trying out new recipes (he LOVES food), traveling (he visited Japan before COVID), and most recently, he has taken up ax throwing! 

Utsav’s cat, Smokey, who he adopted 5 years ago and is his absolute best friend.

Graduating as a Communications major, your career can go in so many different directions. What led you to focus on paid search?

Like many other new graduates, I started out not knowing what I wanted to do. Having majored in marketing and communications, however, I did expect to go in that direction. I started off working at a social media agency as a project manager, and soon left for a starter position in the paid search industry. This was a brand new venture for me, so I just took a leap of faith and joined an up-and-coming agency where I learned the fundamentals of paid search, and started working on my first accounts.

Tell us about your role at Elastic. What is a typical day like for a Global Search Marketing Manager?

I joined Elastic two years ago, coming from an advertising agency. Switching from agency-side to client-side was tough, especially since I was also moving from B2C (Business-to-Consumer) to B2B (Business-to-Business), as well as into the tech world. A typical day for me is checking into the performance of the previous day and previous week, making any adjustments, and working with the necessary teams to improve our search and display ads. I work a lot with our content marketing and product marketing team on implementing new keywords, landing pages, and keeping our ad copy fresh and updated, highlighting our new features.

What has been your favorite project that you’ve worked on, to date, at Elastic?

One of my favorite projects was one of the first things I ever worked on at Elastic. The Google Ads account was not really in the best place, and I tasked myself with restructuring the entire account. I scrapped what wasn’t working well, and built around what was, while adding in all the missing pieces, such as product keywords and ad copy, redirecting to preferred landing pages, and expanding the account into the machine it is today. We ended up with a very robust account that is segmented in all the right ways to help it function more efficiently. 

Prior to your role at Elastic, you worked in New York City for many years. What made you decide to move to Philadelphia?

My wife and I  wanted to move away from the NYC area, where we met and had lived for about 7-8 years. Honestly, we chose to move to Philadelphia just for a change of scenery, but it has been very nice to us. We’ve found a great community, plenty of things to do, and, of course, amazing food.

If you could share ONE piece of advice for a college student interested in pursuing a career in tech, what would it be?

Tech is innovative, and always on the verge of breaking out to something even more exciting. Always continue being a student, and absorb as much information as you can to be successful!

Interested in Learning more about Elastic? Head over to their website! You can also connect with Utsav Panchal on LinkedIn!


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