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Mini-Guide: Washington Square West Edition

Photo credit: @walking_philly
Photo Credit: @walking_philly

This year’s Guide to Philly features neighborhood guides written by students and recent grads. In this mini-guide to Washington Square West, we cover things to do, places to eat and everything YOU need to know to enjoy the neighborhood!

As told by Janice Jaison, Philadelphia College of Pharmacy 2025

Washington Square West is not just your typical Philly neighborhood. With a diverse array of restaurants, coffee shops, and stores, this area will never fail to keep you busy while you tour the city. For someone who’s never been here, I like to describe it as sort of a “vintage Philly” mainly because of its clean and rustic aesthetic, rich with history.

If you’re like me and pin-drop silence is not your ideal study setting, make yourself comfortable at Good Karma Café on 10th and Pine. They have amazing sandwiches, pastries, coffee, and organic-blended smoothies!

Philly Magic Gardens is one of the best Instagrammable spots in the city with its colorful mosaic walls that span across almost three city blocks.

Wash West is also packed with small businesses, one of them being Revival PHL. They have affordable home decor if you’re looking to elevate your living space, as well as cute accessories, jewelry, and skincare!

Wax + Wine is a BYOB candle bar that you’ll love if you’re looking for a night out to relax and enjoy with friends. They have a selection of over 75 fragrances to choose from and each person gets to make two separate candles!

I can’t play favorites when in comes to food places, so let me list a few places you definitely want to check out:

  • If you work here or just happen to visit the area, the Honey Bee Gourmet Deli is the perfect place to grab a quick lunch. They have a huge selection of gourmet salads, hoagies, paninis, and more. I recommend trying their Chipotle Chicken Panini!
  • Kanella Grill is truly a hidden gem and an amazing brunch spot! They serve authentic Greek kebabs, gyros, and salads. The service is amazing and the prices are right for the decent portions they give.
  • Giorgio on Pine is your classic Italian restaurant with a huge selection for vegan/gluten-free options. I was absolutely in love with the warm, rustic vibe and the food was purely brilliant! You would not want to miss out on this fine dining experience.

Wash West has so many awesome places, which also means tons of job opportunities and internships for students! For my friends in STEM, Washington Square West is home to two of the largest healthcare systems in the state, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and Penn Medicine’s Pennsylvania Hospital. Both places offer great openings for students and entry-level jobs for graduates.



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