Mini-Guide: Queen Village Edition


This year’s Guide to Philly features neighborhood guides written by students and recent grads. In this mini-guide to the Queen Village, we cover things to do, places to eat and everything YOU need to know to enjoy the neighborhood!

As told by Ellie Gallo, Saint Joseph’s University 2024

Hi, I’m Ellie Gallo! I am a sophomore Entertainment Marketing major at Saint Joseph’s University. I am originally from Hawthorne, NJ. I absolutely love Philly and exploring all of its beauty. I am so excited to get to share my favorite places to go with you!

Philadelphia is full of so many gorgeous neighborhoods and sites to explore. When I think of my favorite places to go in Philly, they’re almost all in the gorgeous Queen Village neighborhood in South Philly. Here is my Queen Village neighborhood guide!

Chapterhouse Cafe & Gallery

Doubling as a coffee shop and an art gallery, Chapterhouse allows for an experience to devour some delicious drinks and treats while viewing some gorgeous art all over the building. You can grab a sandwich or one of their tea lattes, and take a seat on the couch by the fireplace!

They have lots of vegan and gluten-free options as well, not to mention their assortment of Franklin Fountain ice cream flavors! As far as drinks go, I recommend the PB+C smoothie.

Photo credit: Ellie Gallo

Anastacia’s Antiques

Travel back in time in this little shop full of so many treasures! Run by husband and wife Anastacia and Scott, Anastacia’s is a goldmine of offbeat antiques. Anastacia and Scott might be my favorite part of the experience. They’re the kindest people you’ll ever meet, and they absolutely love what they do and every item in their store.

From old medical supplies to antique suitcases, this place is great if you want to get lost for about an hour. There is something new to see every time you visit! I personally love to look through their giant bin of old photos; all photos in the bin are $1 each. Every time I go to Anastacia’s I feel like I’ve gone through a time portal to another century!

Mostly Books

Photo credit: Ellie Gallo

Mostly Books may look simple from the outside, but inside holds aisles upon aisles of used books in dozens of genres. From Crime Fiction to Astronomy, this place has literally any subject you’re looking to read about.

Mostly Books is a must when my friends and I venture to Queen Village. Sometimes we find ourselves browsing the aisles for over an hour! My most recent find was Diary of a City Priest, which I am loving! If you find a book to bring home, make sure to grab a free bookmark by the register.

Campus Philly Tip: Foodies! Check out Emmy Squared in Queen Village for the best Detroit-style pizza slices, and all the cheesey-goodness to boot.


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