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Mini-Guide: North Broad Edition

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Campus Philly’s Guide to Philly features neighborhood guides written by students and recent grads, ways to get around, where to use your student ID, and so much more.

In this mini-guide to North Broad, Kysha Brown covers all the best spots to explore, eat, and shop in the North Broad neighborhood.

As told by Kysha Brown, Arcadia University 2020

In the North Broad section of the city, you can find all types of gems that can fulfill almost any palette. My favorite things to do in this area are dining and exploring!

There are a ton of great restaurants in this section and a little stretch beyond. Here I’ve listed a few of my own special places that I like to frequent. All of these places are accessible by the Broad Street Line or the Market-Frankford Line, and local SEPTA buses.  

Bold Coffee Bar

  • Bold Coffee Bar is a POC-owned cafe that has coffee, pastries, and even breakfast burritos! My favorite thing about this place is how nice and welcoming it is on the inside and all the cool drinks that you can try. My recent indulgences are the Campfire latte and the ‘Nutty Irish Men.’

Halal Fusion

  • Halal Fusion is a Black-Muslim owned resturant that has become one of my most talked about places from the first meal. Some faves are their lo-mein, rice dishes, and chicken wings with their special sauce. It’s take-out only, but you’ll want the comfort of your home after these platters so you can take a well-deserved nap.

The Colored Girls Museum

  • The Colored Girls Museum is a memoir museum that honors the experiences, stories, and history of the “colored girl.” I thought it was really beautiful inside and everything told such an amazing story. Get your tickets today; regular admission is $20, and student tickets are $10. Don’t forget to whip out that student ID!

Libertee Grounds

  • Libertee Grounds—AKA, where eating and mini-golf combine into one. Enjoy some food and drinks and then head downstairs into “The Grounds” to crush your friends in mini-golf. There’s also a section with other games like cornhole, darts, connect four, and others—just in case you didn’t want the fun to end there. It’s only $10 per person for a game!

Lola’s Sticky Fingers

  • Lola’s Sticky Fingers is a nice spot for hand-rolled ice cream and all kinds of treats such as fried birthday cake, ice cream sandwiches cradled between graham crackers or donuts. It’s really a delight and a great way to end the day especially with the warm weather coming.


…where are you visiting first?!

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