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Do work that matters: An inside look at an internship with CSL Behring


CSL has delivered biotechnology excellence for over a century. Today, with the combined expertise of CSL Behring, CSL Plasma, CSL Seqirus, and CSL Vifor, CSL’s offerings are more diverse than ever to help ensure patients and people everywhere get the treatments they need. They’re always improving so life can, too.

This week, Campus Philly had the opportunity to chat with Julia Paiano, CSL Behring’s Early Career Program Social Media Intern, to hear more about her role at the organization and her internship experience, and get the inside scoop on how she landed the gig. Read our conversation below!

It’s great to meet you, Julia! We were so thrilled to hear you landed the internship at CSL Behring after seeing our promotions on social media. Tell us a little more about yourself!

Hi! I am a senior at Ursinus College where I am studying Media & Communications with a minor in Studio Art focused in Photography. I have lived in Northeast Philadelphia my entire life!

I actually found my role at CSL Behring through a tweet posted by Campus Philly. I applied, interviewed, and was offered the position all within the same week!

That is so awesome. Tell us more about the internship experience—what are some of the takeaways or lessons you’ve learned throughout the internship program?

My biggest takeaway during my internship has been that there are creative roles in industries you may not immediately think of as “creative.” In my major, we are often encouraged to apply for roles at companies that are inherently creative, such as marketing agencies, or production studios.

Due to that preconceived notion, I did not consider looking at other industries until I saw this job posting—and then I realized that every industry needs creative minds and thinkers. CSL is a company that not only upholds their values, but values their employees’ abilities and creativities, as well!

What a great point! All organizations need creative thinkers. How did your education and courses at Ursinus prepare you for your internship in social media? 

I had two digital marketing internships prior to CSL that introduced me to the marketing field and taught me the foundations of the field. I also serve as the communications chair and photographer for several organizations at Ursinus.

Aside from that, I am the VP of an on-campus community service organization, and a Community Service Fellow here at Ursinus. Similar to CSL, I hold my values close to me, and I truly enjoy working with the local community and prioritizing people’s well-beings and experiences. Being from Philadelphia, it is has been great connecting with people I attended high school and other programs with to build each of our professional networks!

Absolutely. It’s so important to stay connected to folks in your community to continue to grow your network! OK, just two more questions… What’s some advice you’d give a student seeking an internship this upcoming spring semester?

I would advise other students to be patient! I applied and was rejected from a few opportunities before I received my offer at CSL. This ultimately was the best fit for me and provided me with more amazing experiences than I could have ever imagined! Stay hopeful and keep a positive mindset because the opportunity that is meant for you will find you.

Fantastic advice. We couldn’t agree more! Being patient is difficult, but absolutely key. So, for students or recent grads interested in working at CSL Behring, tell us: are there any upcoming or open jobs and internships? 

CSL is currently accepting applications for their future roles! See job opportunities here.


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