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Transforming Events into Great Experiences: An Inside Look at a Career with Comcast Spectacor

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Comcast Spectacor’s growth and continued success are fueled by an entrepreneurial vision to make a meaningful impact on the industry that surrounds live sports, entertainment, and hospitality. Their businesses are rooted in the unparalleled experiences, relationships, and opportunities that flourish within the atmosphere of a great event.

Great events don’t just happen; they are a product of deep experience, compelling content, and the ability to execute. Comcast Spectacor embodies a wide range of expertise aimed at bringing all of these elements together for our fans and guests.

This week, Campus Philly had the opportunity to sit down with Kellie Barnes, Email Marketing Manager at Comcast Spectacor, and hear more about her background, education, and experience on the job.

BTW: Comcast Spectacor is hiring! Check out their open positions, including internships, on their Job Board.

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It’s so great to meet you, Kellie! We’re so excited to learn more about your role at Comcast Spectacor—but first, tell us a little more about yourself.

Hi! My name is Kellie Barnes. I grew up in the Philadelphia suburbs and knew I wanted to stay in the Philadelphia area for school; I loved the opportunity that going to school in the city could offer.

I attended Saint Joseph’s University and studied Sports Marketing. When I first got to SJU, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to major in. I was on the cheerleading team and I loved representing SJU at athletic events, so I decided to major in Sports Marketing!

I was on the cheerleading team for four years and was also President of the Sports Marketing Club my senior year. I stayed in Philly after graduation and Philly has been home for nearly eight years now!

Tell us about your role at Comcast Spectacor. How did you land the job?

I work in the Marketing Department at Comcast Spectacor as the Email Marketing Manager. I spend most of my day creating and building marketing emails for the Flyers! I also manage our Student Rush ticketing campaign. I work on a diverse team that handles all sorts of events that come to the arena like the Philadelphia Wings, Villanova basketball, concerts, and family shows. I previously worked as the Ticket Sales Coordinator.

Finding and landing my job started back when I was in college. I interned for the Flyers for three semesters and with one of their partner companies for an additional two semesters. During my internship I focused on learning as much as I could while building my network. I did lots of informational interviews with full-time employees to learn more about their roles and explore the different types of jobs in the sports industry. When a job opened up shortly after graduation, I was able to apply and use the background knowledge I gained in my internship to succeed during the interview process and land the job.

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That’s awesome. Tell us about some of the lessons you’ve learned so far in your career.

One key takeaway I have learned while working in the sports industry is to focus on what you can control; attitude, effort, and work ethic. Those three things can set you apart—especially when things get tough.

How did your education at SJU prepare you for this role?

During college I kept myself busy with internships, cheerleading, and clubs while managing my classes. Being so involved taught me how to stay organized, manage my time, and hold myself to deadlines; all important skills I use in my career. Also, being a part of the Sports Marketing Club, particularly during my junior and senior years while serving in leadership positions, taught me how to lead projects and introduced me to industry professionals.

Such an important skill to have! Let’s talk about your network. How are you building your network in Philly? Do you have any advice for college students or recent grads looking to expand their professional network?

My best advice to college students or recent grads looking to expand their professional network would be to get involved! While in college, join clubs, attend events, and connect with industry professionals in careers you’re interested in. This could be through LinkedIn, campus job fairs, informational interviews, or introductions from professors. As a young professional, I still try to expand my network by attending events around the city where I can meet new people and network with industry professionals, especially SJU Alumni events.

What’s some advice you’d give a student seeking a job at your organization this summer?

Be prepared to work with a diverse group of people and learn something new every day. When working in sports no two days are the same— which gives our interns a unique opportunity to gain valuable on-the-job experience. You can check out open opportunities here!

Last question! What does a day in your life look like?

My day-to-day experience is always changing, but that’s what makes working in sports fun! On game days you can find me assisting with marketing promotions on the concourse. On non-game days, I’m prepping our emails and marketing campaigns and working with our content team to put together important and engaging information for our fans!


To learn more about launching your career at Comcast Spectacor, check out their career page here. And, in the meantime, sign up for Campus Philly’s JobFest for a chance to win tickets to an upcoming Flyers game—more details will be announced on our Instagram later this week! 


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