The Road to Success: An Interview with Willie Bedell, Credential Specialist at Intealth


Willie B. Bedell serves full time as a Credential Specialist at Intealth™ (in its ECFMG® division) and serves on his department’s panel of supervisory and peer interviewers. He is a valuable player on his Credential Specialist team, and he is also instrumental to the Change Agents, a multi-departmental team of the Enterprise Project Management Office (EPMO) at Intealth.

Additionally, Willie has experience outside of his work at Intealth as an analyst who leads market assessments in Africa, which contributes to empirical research.

Willie is originally from Liberia, on the West Coast of Africa. He earned his undergraduate B.Sc Degree at United Methodist University and holds a M.Sc in Agricultural Economics from the University of Kentucky, Lexington Kentucky.

This week, Campus Philly had the opportunity to connect with Willie and learn more about his experience at Intealth.

Intealth is a private nonprofit organization that advances quality in health care education worldwide in order to improve health care for all. Through strategic integration of its divisions, ECFMG® and FAIMER®, Intealth offers a flexible and multi-layered portfolio of services. These services enhance the education and training of health care professionals around the world, verify their qualifications required to practice, support international physicians in U.S. graduate medical education, and inform the development of health workforce policies worldwide. By leveraging these combined competencies, Intealth powers innovation in areas critical to the health professions.

Learn more about open positions here, and hear from Willie about launching a career at Intealth below!

Hi, Willie! It’s great to meet you. Tell us a little about your role.

Hello! I am proud to be a member of Intealth, the leading institution advancing the global health workforce!

At Intealth, my core duties include facilitating the journey of international medical graduates who wish to practice medicine in another country. I perform primary source verifications and collaborate with colleagues from different departments to research and find the best information solutions to incorporate clients into the program. My temp role in early 2022 was focused on quality and quantity. My work propelled me to a full-time position, where the same skills and more collaborative efforts are required.

What does your day-to-day look like on the job? Why Intealth?

When you are at Intealth, advancing the global workforce is not only a slogan, but a mission that turns dreams into a reality for medical students and doctors across the world! I facilitate dreams, and those dreamers support medical and healthcare institutions to heal mankind and communities.

Any advice for international students seeking a job or internship at Intealth?

Approach Intealth with revealed intentions that you want to support the global health workforce as they complement the need to bridge the gaps between healthcare and education, and demand for qualified health practitioners worldwide.

In addition to having the ability to perform the target tasks at Intealth, you must exhibit character of caring, respect for diversity, ability to lead and effectively communicate, and paying attention to details. Given the later point, quality work is the key to success at Intealth.

What did you find most helpful as you launched your career in the region?

Philadelphia is a crossroad for opportunities across different fields and sectors. Don’t stay stagnant—instead, remain adamant in pursuit of your career. You should be open to new ventures in different fields and sectors until you find your perfect fit.

With these tips, and staying patient and dedicated to the career hunt, I launched a successful and satisfying career at Intealth.

What’s the best part about working in the Philly region?

The best part about working in the Philly region is affordability. The cost of living is relatively low, compared to other cities, and the ease of transportation is also perfect to move through the region!

Thanks so much, Willie. Any last advice to share?

Yes! International students should prioritize effective communication to navigate the career and job market in the US. Mastering effective communication, coupled with associating with the right professional network, will see you on the road to success!


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