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Thinking about transferring colleges? Here’s some advice, from the person who did it.


My name is Alana Palmer and I am the current Content Creator intern at Campus Philly! I am a senior at Temple University studying Graphic and Interactive Design with Entrepreneurial Studies. I previously attended Robert Morris University where I majored in Graphic Design, minored in Photography, and participated in the Division 1 Track & Field Team.

Within the Temple University community, I wear multiple hats, serving as the Social Media Coordinator for TUTV’s women-led talk show ‘We Need To Talk’ and holding the role of Lead Photographer for Temple’s women-run magazine, Refine. Beyond my academic commitments, I’m a published poet, content creator, freelance artist, and a proud host of The Good Soup Podcast!

Making the Decision to Transfer

My decision to transfer was a challenging one, prompted by a significant event during my freshman year—an ACL injury that led to surgery. This experience shifted my perspective on the sport I had grown up loving. It wasn’t just the physical aftermath of the surgery that dampened my passion; it was also the introduction of a new coach who I feel wasn’t supportive of my learning and recovery. Beyond the coaching dynamics, the lack of a supportive community in my current environment was weighing on me. While I had made a few friends within the program, I never felt a complete sense of belonging. 

The turning point came when I decided to transfer, and I knew exactly where I wanted to go: Philadelphia 

In 2019, I participated in one of Temple University’s summer pre-college programs, an experience that made me fall in love with the campus and allowed me to forge lifelong connections. Additionally, as a New Jersey native, the desire to be closer to home played a role in my decision.

What most people don’t know about transferring

When considering a transfer, it’s crucial to thoroughly investigate if and how your credits will transfer. Most universities provide tools that offer insight into how your credits align with specific courses at the new institution. However, at Tyler School of Art, there’s a unique consideration: if your class curriculum doesn’t perfectly match the courses offered at Temple, you may not be eligible for direct credit for that class. 

Instead, it could transfer as an elective credit contributing to your overall graduation requirements. For instance, at RMU, I completed both Typography and Advanced Typography. However, since the curriculum didn’t precisely align with Temple’s, I might need to retake Typography if I choose it as an elective for my major. 

It’s advisable, before making the transfer decision, to reach out to Temple University’s academic advisors (or any school you’re interested in!). They can provide valuable guidance on where you stand regarding credits and ensure a smoother transition.

Looking Ahead

Since transferring to Temple University, my professional landscape has expanded significantly, presenting me with multiple networking opportunities and diverse positions. Prior to my first semester at Temple, I was able to secure a Content Engagement internship with Snider Hockey. This early experience not only allowed me to make meaningful contributions to Snider Hockey but also facilitated connections, such as meeting Kayla Brown, a former Campus Philly intern. 

The doors opened by this internship led to more roles, including my position as the Social Media Intern with the University of Pennsylvania Track & Field team. In Philadelphia, I continued to build my professional portfolio by working with “We Need To Talk” and Refine Magazine at Temple University, as well as interning with the Temple University Volleyball and Welcome America Inc.

Leveraging my background as a former Division 1 student-athlete, I brought valuable insights into schedules and discipline to these diverse positions. This unique perspective has proven beneficial in navigating the demands of each role and has contributed to my success in the dynamic professional environment at Temple University and beyond.

My Experiences with Campus Philly: Check out some of my recent content!

Like I mentioned before, my introduction to Campus Philly came through Kayla Brown, and after spotting the Campus Philly presence on my Instagram feed, I decided to explore their available intern positions. 

In the fall, just a few days before applying for the Winter Internship position, I watched a movie that left a lasting impact on me. It depicted a man who persevered through over 100 rejections from NASA before finally securing a spot in the program. Despite feeling disheartened from previous application attempts, that movie inspired me to apply for a third time, and it’s through that resilience that I find myself here today. 

Before diving into this internship, I also had the opportunity to contribute as an ambassador, creating content for the holiday season and capturing moments at CollegeFest. These experiences with Campus Philly not only allowed me to showcase my skills, but also enabled me to forge connections and enrich my portfolio in the media industry.

See more of me!

If you want to see more of my work, be sure to check out my self-care and campus cooking series on Campus Philly’s social media pages, as well as my CollegeFest coverage which can be found here: CollegeFest 2023

To stay in touch you can find me on Instagram @its.alanaaa @alanamoriah.digital @wordsbylana @thegoodsouppodcast, and on TikTok @heyooitsalana, and @thegoodsouppod!


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