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15 Conversation Starters for Any Networking Event

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Chatting with friends and family is breeze! But chatting with potential employers, coworkers, and fellow students at a networking event? Not nearly as easy. We’ve been there, and we know it can feel a little awkward. We want to help YOU rock your next career event! That’s why we’ve put together a list of ice-breakers, questions, and conversation starters for you to feel comfortable and confident—happy networking! 

One-liners for students breaking the ice with employers:

  1. “I’ve always been interested in learning about [insert company name]! What’s your experience like working for [insert company name]?”
  2. “I’m looking for an internship in [insert field]/am interested in [insert field]. I’d love to pick your brain and learn more about open roles at your company!”
  3. A simple pitch! You can never go wrong with a classic “elevator pitch.” Be sure to practice your introduction, and include your name, where you go to school, your graduation year, and what you study. Most importantly: show your genuine interest in the company!
  4. “What is one activity, class, or experience that you were involved in during college that helped you prepare for your role at [insert company]?”
  5. “What is a piece of professional advice you have received that has stuck with you in your career?”

One-liners for talking to fellow students or recent grads:

  1. “How did you hear about this event?”
  2. “What school do you go to and what do you study?”
  3. If you’re attending a CP career event, maybe ask “have you been to a Campus Philly event before?”
  4. “What activities are you involved in on your campus?”
  5. “Have you ever been to a networking or career event before?”

One-liners that will help strike up a conversation with anyone at the event:

  1. “Did you catch the [insert your favorite Philly sports team here] game last night?”
  2. If you are at an event with food: “Have you tried the [insert food/drink item here] yet? They are so good!”
  3. A simple compliment never fails! Compliment someone on their outfit, accessories, or another attribute in general. It’s an underrated, friendly approach that will help you break the ice and network with anyone attending the event. Everyone loves a compliment!
  4. “I’m looking for new recommendations—what’s your favorite thing to do, spot to eat, or place to visit in Philadelphia?”
  5. “If you could have any job in the world for just one day, what would it be and why?”


Launching your career is exciting and also nerve-wracking, all at the same time. The best way to shake out those nerves is to dive head-first into networking events to make valuable connections and build your professional network. Practice these lines at the many career events happening across the city- stay up to date with upcoming events on our Career Events and Networking Opportunities page!


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