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Setting the Stage for Career Success: An Interview with Lutron


Lutron is a technology-centered and people-driven company. They are a leading manufacturer of energy-saving light, shade, and temperature controls for new and existing homes and offices. Lutron is always searching for professionals that mirror their commitment to innovation and customer service—and they are hiring!

Hear from two Philly-area Lutron employees, Keon and Grace, about their experience at Lutron, and learn about the roles they are hiring for.

It’s great to meet you, Keon and Grace! First off, tell us about yourselves. 

Keon: I lived in the Lehigh Valley until I was 10 years old but consider my hometown McLean, Virginia. I stayed in Northern Virginia through college, where I attended James Madison University. I graduated with a Bachelor of Business and Administration with a concentration in Computer Information Systems. The opportunity to help build out this new Luxury Inside Sales team is what brought me to the Greater Philadelphia area. 

Grace: I bounced around the Midwest a lot in my formative years, but my hometown is Asheville, NC. For college, I followed my family tradition and attended Purdue University as a management major. I am a third-generation Boiler!

My career at Lutron brought me to the Greater Philadelphia Region. I first moved to the Lehigh Valley as a part of Lutron’s Sales Leadership Development Program (SLDP). At the end of this program, you can be placed into any outside sales role, in any major city in the US. I then moved to Seattle, WA, to Atlanta, GA, and then back to the Lehigh Valley through the various roles I have held at Lutron. It’s been a fun rollercoaster.

What do you like to do for fun? What are some of your hobbies?

Keon: I  really enjoy cooking (and eating) all different types of ethnic foods. My specialty is Persian food as I learned that from my mom. I love to be outdoors, and traveling all over—especially skiing with friends.  I will never turn down a chance to play a game of ping pong with friends, family, or even coworkers (we have a ping pong table at our headquarters).

Grace: I love to travel, too! I am fortunate that in outside sales, I have been able to travel a good amount of the country; but most of my ‘fun’ travel has come personally. I have traveled to 33 states and 12 countries (about to be 13!). I am also an avid reader—my Kindle is basically glued to my side. I also love to spend time outside, especially by some water, and I enjoy going to spin class. 

How did you find your job at Lutron?

Keon: My first experience working at Lutron was as an intern in our sales operations department in 2016. I learned about Lutron from a family friend. In 2018, I started working at Lutron full time joining the Sales Leadership Development Program (SLDP). That gave me the opportunity to really be a part of a strong work culture and be around a great group of people. 

Grace: My time at Purdue is what brought me to Lutron. During a summer internship, I also babysat on the side. Through babysitting, I met a Lutron employee, also a fellow Boilermaker, who suggested I apply to Lutron’s Sales Leadership Development Program… the rest is history!

Lutron’s founder Joel Spira graduated from Purdue. Boilermakers are known for being innovative and it’s clear that Mr. Spira brought that culture to Lutron. I was blown away by the people at Lutron throughout my entire interview process and it left me wanting to learn more. 

What has been the best part about launching your career at Lutron? 

Keon: The best part has been being able to take on new roles and opportunities at Lutron that are first of their kind. I was the first outside sales rep for our mid-market smart shading business out of the West. Following that, I was able to take on developing the Luxury Inside Sales team from the ground up, which has been fulfilling and a rewarding challenge. 

Grace: The best part has been the constant learning and growing! In my six years at Lutron, I have held four roles. Each role has been so rewarding and I have been able to say I love what I do. The opportunity that Lutron has provided me has been one of the most exciting aspects of my career and has me excited to see what’s next. 

What has working at Lutron taught you? 

Keon: Working at Lutron has taught me to surround myself with likeminded individuals that push me to be the best version of myself, and to seek a company with a strong culture that puts an emphasis on their people (one of our five principles). 

Grace: Working at Lutron has taught me to say yes more! You never really know something until you try it. Additionally, working here has taught me to work closely with peers. These relationships are who you can lean on during the good times and the bad. Also, lean on your mentors and communicate with them. No one can read your mind and it’s okay to ask for help! 

Why should students and recent grads apply to open roles at Lutron?

Keon: Lutron is a great place to apply because it is a company that is known for being best in class in their respective industry. 

Grace: By applying to Lutron, you are applying to a company that will challenge you in fun and exciting ways. You will love what you do and who you work with—the culture and camaraderie at Lutron is one of the best things about our organization. 

You both are hiring for open roles. Tell us more about those opportunities!

Keon: In the role that I am looking to hire for, candidates will interact with trade account customers (“dealers”) via phone, email, and chat as their main sales contact at Lutron. Additionally, you will assist in onboarding new accounts, train existing small accounts to utilize proven selling approaches and sales tools to grow, and qualify incoming project opportunities. 

During a “day in the life” as a person in this role, you will have a set of Salesforce “Tasks,” identifying customer requests and suggested outreach that will serve as your “to-do” list for the day. Additionally, you will conduct customer-facing virtual meetings surrounding sales, product, and system trainings to continue building relationships with your customers. 

Grace: I am hiring for Lutron’s Sales Leadership Development Program, which is a rotational training experience designed to prepare you for success in a consultative outside sales career. Our goal is to find and cultivate future leaders who will grow their careers with Lutron. Lutron provides opportunities to try different roles and create new business approaches. We want people who like the challenge to become the best version of themselves.

During the program, you will receive a combination of classroom training and in-the-field training. You will learn technologies, products, sales strategies, and customer types. You will be presenting and fine-tuning your sales skills so once you graduate from the program, you will be ready to be successful as a consultative outside sales professional. Once you graduate from the program, you will be relocated to your first assignment. While the roles available for our program graduates vary from year to year, all Lutron salespeople do the following:

  • Develop new customer relationships and business opportunities.
  • Find solutions to our customers needs.
  • Represent Lutron’s brand within the industry. We take our reputation seriously.
  • Become a technical expert on Lutron products and customers.
  • Stay aligned with Lutron’s culture and values. 

What kind of candidate are you looking for? What stands out to you on a resume? 

Keon: I am looking for a candidate who is driven, flexible, motivated and who is ready to start a career driving sales growth and building relationships with accounts. When reviewing resumes, I look for candidates who have prior customer-facing or sales experience, and who enjoy helping others through their work experience, volunteer efforts, or personal hobbies. 

Grace: We are looking for driven, team-oriented, confident individuals who want to grow a career in outside sales. Also, we love candidates who are involved in their community or schools. We also love candidates who have a competitive side. Whether you’re an athlete, involved in clubs or volunteer work—we love interacting with candidates who have a passion for what they are involved in. 

Do you have any tips, tricks, or pieces of advice for folks interested in your role?

Keon: Ask many questions! You should feel comfortable and confident about the company and team you are applying to. Additionally, be comfortable being uncomfortable. There will be many times through the onboarding process where it may seem like a lot is coming at you. But, as you ask more questions, it should make more sense. 

Grace: Feedback is a gift! Any feedback that you receive is intended to help improve your skills and to set you up for success. Agreed with Keon: be comfortable being uncomfortable! Outside sales is a whirlwind of a role and you never know what to expect—be flexible! 


There are tons of resources to help grow your resume right here in Philadelphia. To learn more about other career opportunities be sure to visit the Campus Philly jobs & internships page!

Happy connecting!


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