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National Liberty Museum

$8 admission with valid ID

Located in the heart of historic Philadelphia, the National Liberty Museum brings liberty to life through stories of people whose character and courage have expanded liberty for all. 

Check out what’s going on at the National Liberty Museum during CollegeFest!

National Liberty Museum is where Liberty Lets Loose! During CollegeFest, college students can enjoy:

• Freedom is always in Fashion Photo Op
How has fashion and the fight for Liberty intertwined throughout history? Find out, by snapping your picture in the Liberty Gallery while donning an accessory of liberation.

• Graphic Content and Caretoons Exhibit Bingo*
Look at our newest exhibits through the Game of Bingo with hidden prizes when you yell BINGO!

• Liberty Museum Scavenger Hunt*
How much do you know about your rights – test your knowledge to win some great prizes.

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