Part 1: What’s Your Philly Story?

College is an adventure – an adventure about the discovery, creation, and development of your story! Campus Philly is starting a new series called “What’s Your Philly Story?” where we share students’ stories of what brought them to Philly, why they love it here, and how they’re making the most of this awesome city.

We reached out to a few students from different schools and varying studies to tell us about their college experience, sharing what makes their education and story so special.

We want to hear YOUR story! Tag @CampusPhilly on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook or send us an email and tell us why you chose to go to school in Philly, and why you think this city is the best.

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Discovering Philly on a Journey to Vanguard: An Interview with Colleen Evans

Through the Campus Philly career site, we’ve provided college students in the Philly area with opportunities to learn about the different career options available to them with experts from many different industries. We’ve seen countless connections between students and employers, and are thrilled to give students unique opportunities to learn about thriving (and hiring) companies in and around Philly. 

One of those companies is Vanguard; they’re based in Malvern, PA, but have created an “Innovation Studio” in Center City Philadelphia! Being a company with a strong belief in advancement, both for the company and the individual, the Innovation Studio is the place where crewmembers at Vanguard research problems and develop solutions to make investing easier, more intuitive, and more effective for Vanguard clients.

We got the chance to chat with the Innovation Studio’s Operations Manager, Colleen Evans, and we heard her advice and stories on finding her career and working with a company like Vanguard…(by the way….they’re hiring!) Continue reading “Discovering Philly on a Journey to Vanguard: An Interview with Colleen Evans”

Ways to Engage – Three Professionals Making a Difference with Their Careers in Philly

Engage in positive social change for greater Philadelphia

From your dorm room, it may seem daunting to engage in positive social change for the greater Philadelphia area, but opportunities to get involved are everywhere, and there are individuals doing it every day for their careers! If you’re looking for a place to start, you can learn more about the opportunities available in Philly at Campus Philly’s final Launch Event, Engage Philly, at the 1900 Market Street location of WeWork on November 13. Sign up here! 

Build a career that creates positive change in the community. To show you some examples of work that makes an impact in Philadelphia, we’ve highlighted some of our role models leading the Philly charge towards improving the quality of life for all its residents. Continue reading “Ways to Engage – Three Professionals Making a Difference with Their Careers in Philly”

Campus Philly’s 5 Steps to Writing a Resume

Finalizing your résumé for that perfect job? That dream internship? That once-in-a-lifetime scholarship? It can be intimidating to try and capture the essence of all your years of experience on one page, but it’s certainly possible.  All you need to know is how to structure your résumé and exactly what to include, but of course, that’s easier said than done.

Our team at Campus Philly has the tips, tricks, and advice to help you make your resume as polished as possible.  Here are the 5 steps to building your best résumé !

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Being an Advocate for Yourself – An Interview with Jennifer Kurowski, VP, Creative Director at Digitas Health

Inside Parliament Coffee on 15th Street, just around the corner from the Campus Philly office, I sat down with Jennifer Kurowski, VP, Creative Director at the Philadelphia-based advertising agency, Digitas Health, a member of the Publicis Health healthcare communications group.

Jennifer will be a panelist at this year’s Create Philly, Campus Philly’s networking event taking place on October 23 at WeWork to show students the creative opportunities waiting for them in a Philly career.  With thriving sectors of theatre, art, advertising, writing, and marketing, there are infinite possibilities in Philly for utilizing a creative degree in a professional setting!

Jennifer was kind enough to sit down with us and answer a few questions about her Philadelphia college experience, her transition into a career in copywriting, and thriving in her creative work at Publicis.  Tea in all of our hands, we began to talk about our college experiences, and Jennifer’s story is by far the most interesting… Continue reading “Being an Advocate for Yourself – An Interview with Jennifer Kurowski, VP, Creative Director at Digitas Health”

CollegeFest: All-Day Festival in Dilworth Park on September 8!

CollegeFest 2018 is, without a doubt, Campus Philly’s biggest event of the entire year.  Registering for CollegeFest and picking up your wristband at the Campus Philly booth in Dilworth Park will get you FREE museums all day on September 8th!  With over thirteen museums free to explore, you’ll have plenty to do, but don’t forget all the CollegeFest activities taking place in Dilworth Park….for FREE, and exclusively for Philly-area college students!

We’ll have prize wheels with cool swag from companies all over the city, free drinks (including Dunkin’ Donuts iced-coffee), and fun activities like giant inflatable Bubbleballs and Nerf Football!  After you pick up your wristband for free museums, be sure to explore all the booths and free stuff provided by our local Philly sponsors!

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Campus Philly How-to Guide: Taking Public Transportation in Philly

Feeling insecure about getting around Philly? Trust us on this one – you’re not alone!  Maybe you’re a student trying to find your way around a new city, or maybe you just landed a job or internship in the city and need a little help finding the most efficient route.  Campus Philly understands it all – we’ve been there! Our mission is to give you everything you need to know about getting around this city, so when it comes to SEPTA and PATCO, the public transportation systems in the city, we’ve got your back!

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Photo Recap: Another Successful My Philly Summer Event for Interns in Philadelphia!

Summer interns converged on the Delaware River’s Independence Seaport Museum last week for My Philly Summer, the annual meetup hosted by Campus Philly for interns from companies all around the Greater Philadelphia area including: Comcast, Bentley Systems, Pennoni, SEPTA, Witty Gritty, Campus Philly and many, many more.

In fact, this year’s My Philly Summer had over 100 attendees! Every attendee had the opportunity to meet other interns from different industries and backgrounds, enjoy delicious (and FREE!) food, and play Philly-themed Quizzo for prizes, all while networking with fellow interns and local companies, making valuable connections that could shape the future of their careers. Continue reading “Photo Recap: Another Successful My Philly Summer Event for Interns in Philadelphia!”

7 Questions to Ask in an Interview (and 3 to NEVER)

You know the feeling when you’re in a job interview and it’s going GREAT, and you answered every question about your résumé, felt comfortable with all the responsibilities of the position, hit it off so well with the person interviewing you that you feel you’ve known each other for a lifetime…but then they ask you that dreaded question: “So do you have any questions for me?”

According to Business Insider, “…every interview is a two-way street. You should be interviewing the employer just as much as they’re interviewing you. You both need to walk away convinced that the job would be a great fit.”

But you can’t ask too many questions, right?  And what if you ask the wrong questions? After scouring the web and asking around the Campus Philly office, here are seven questions to ask in an interview (and three to avoid unless the situation calls for it). Continue reading “7 Questions to Ask in an Interview (and 3 to NEVER)”