Students of Philadelphia: Meet Your Campus Philly Interns

“Students of Philadelphia” showcases just a few of the many talented and creative students that inhabit our amazing city. In this mini series, we will introduce you to some of Philly’s young, talented and ambitious students.

Meet Campus Philly interns, Zipporah Dixon and Nakie Uzeiri from Arcadia University:

Students of Philadelphia: The Interns from Campus Philly on Vimeo.

Now that you have a feel for some of the creative students all around Philadelphia, we thought you may like to know about the people who’ve brought Students of Philadelphia to you. We are two of Campus Philly’s interns, Zipporah Dixon and Nakie Uzeiri. We came up with the idea for this piece, because as two seniors in college, we both realize how amazing it has been to be able to be in Philly for the past four years. We wanted to celebrate people we know, people we don’t know, things we love and things that are special to us that many people don’t notice in the city. We’ve interviewed others about the City of Brotherly Love, so now we want you to know a little bit about us:

Zipporah Dixon: So Nakie, is there anything you learned while we’ve interned here at Campus Philly?

Nakie Uzeiri: Campus Philly was more than just an internship experience for me. I learned more about what I want to do post-graduation and definitely did more than just ‘gain experience.’ I was able to connect with the city of Philadelphia in a way I honestly had never done before. I was given opportunities to explore different neighborhoods in Philly and different museums, which allowed me to see a different side of the art scene throughout the city. I really enjoyed the work I did while here; video editing, blogging and representing the ‘student view’ of Philly. In my eyes, Students of Philadelphia was a huge success and if it is continued after I’m gone, I will definitely keep an eye out for it! The best thing about my past semester here would have to be everyone in the office. This is one of the most welcoming working environments I have ever been in and the entire staff cares so deeply about what they do. Seeing people extremely passionate and considerate for the students of Philadelphia is inspiring to see as young professional, and it is how I strive to be when I enter the professional world.

ZD: I’m glad you got a lot out of our time here! I definitely think we landed an awesome place to have an internship.

NU: Yeah me too, what about you, Zeph?

ZD: While being an intern at Campus Philly, I definitely learned a lot about myself not only professionally, but also personally. As corny as it may sound, it’s given me the chance to go out and explore Philadelphia and see all the neighborhoods that I’ve been saying I’d go see. I love art and museums, so I got to go to some ones I’d never even heard of before. I had the chance to just go and find some places around the city that I really love. As Campus Philly’s editorial intern, I’ve been reassured that I really do love writing and reviewing places. I looked forward to doing my “Weekly Picks,” reviewing events or seeing things I thought other college kids would be interested in. I liked being able to give my opinion on things and inform people about what’s going on around the city. I also just really loved everyone at the Campus Philly office, everyone is so nice and helpful and really funny, I’m definitely going to miss coming into the office every week!

ZD & NU: Well, we’re signing off, folks. This has been a great experience and we hope you enjoyed learning about people just like you, the students of Philadelphia!

We will miss you, Nakie and Zipporah! The special thing about interning at Campus Philly? You can always come back and visit. We look forward to getting our first post-intern visit from them! Do you know an inspiring, Philadelphia-based student who we should keep our eye on for a future profile? Send them our way!

Z’s Weekly Picks | Dec. 5-11

All these holiday events happening around Philly make it easy AND hard for me to put my weekly picks, a.k.a. “Z’s Picks,” together. Easy because there are so many events; hard because they’re all good! Below you’ll find what I have my eye on for this week. Whatever you decide to do, we know you’re going to have a great time exploring your extended campus, the City of Philadelphia!

Q102’s Jingle Ball | Wednesday, December 7 

Calling all music lovers! With performers such as Tove Lo, Shawn Mendes, DNCE, Fifth Harmony and Ellie Goudling, this is an event you don’t want to miss. Grab your buds, and head to the Wells Fargo Center for a night of the hottest songs on the radio right now. 

Hairspray Live!’ Viewing Party | Wednesday, December 7 | 21+ 

If you’re like me, you’re super excited for Hairspray Live! to air on television. On Wednesday, join all the other excited people at Tavern on Camac for a free viewing party! Drinks will be available on a pay-as-you-go basis, and the show will be projected on a large screen. 

Historic Holiday Nights in Old City | Thursday, December 8 

Head to Old City this Thursday for Historic Holiday Nights, which runs every Thursday until December 22nd. 45 shops, restaurants and museums open up their doors to the public from 5-8 p.m. with special deals and an extended happy hour for those of age. This is a great way to explore Old City, and cross a few people off of your Christmas list!

Johnson House Holiday Caroling and Food Basket Giveaway | Thursday, December 8 

Looking to do some good this Holiday Season? Join some carolers who will be heading down the 6300 block of Germantown Ave. singing some classic holiday tunes. Following the caroling, the Germantown Business alliance will be delivering food baskets to families in need. Sweet ending alert: There will be cookies and hot apple cider at the Johnson House!

Pennsylvania Ballet performs “The Nutcracker” | Friday, December 9 

This is a Philadelphia tradition that’s been going on for 48 years! Dancing snowflakes, sword-fighting mice and princesses in tutu’s retell George Balanchine’s classic tale. Starting December 9th, there will be various performances, so make like a dancing sugar plum and go see the show!

So there you have it– my picks for this week! If you have any comments or suggestions for any future events, don’t hesitate to let us know!

Students of Philadelphia: Meet Maura from Arcadia University

“Students of Philadelphia” showcases just a few of the many talented and creative students that inhabit our amazing city. In this mini series, we will introduce you to some of Philly’s young, talented and ambitious students.

Meet Maura Weaver from Arcadia University:

Students of Philadelphia: Maura Weaver from Campus Philly on Vimeo.

MW: Hi! My name is Maura Weaver, I’m 21 years old, and I’m an international studies major (pre-law) at Arcadia University.

ZD: How do you like living in Philadelphia?

MW: I really like Philadelphia because I’ve been discovering really cool parts, like Spruce Street Harbor Park. Plus, it’s the most historically important city in America and I’m all about history. 

ZD: What’s your favorite neighborhood in Philly? Do you have a special place in Philly that’s your special, (perhaps) getaway spot?

MW: My favorite spot in Philly is Rittenhouse Square because you can just sit, have a cup of coffee, and people watch.

ZD: Since you moved to Philadelphia, have you discovered something new about yourself?

MW: Since I’ve come to Philly and started at Arcadia, I’ve realized I have a talent and a knack for ceramics!

ZD: How has Philadelphia influenced your art form? Has the city inspired you in any way?

MW:  I never really saw Philly as an “art city,” but that changed very quickly after I moved here and went to all the awesome museums and cultural venues (a lot of them have great student discounts, by the way). Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens on South Street really influenced my ceramics because I took a lot of what I saw in there and tried to add it into my own work. 

ZD: So we know about the Cheesesteak scene here in Philadelphia, but where’s your favorite place in Philly to grab a bite to eat? 

MW:  I really love shawarma and there are some really good food trucks in Philly that serve it!

ZD: What’s your one piece of advice for those considering coming to Philly for school?

MW: My best advice for students in Philadelphia would just be to explore. Try things you’ve never tried! Random foods, different places you’ve never even thought of going to– that’s how I discovered Spruce Street Harbor Park! I just happened to stumble upon it one day because I was exploring.

You heard Maura– get out and explore your extended campus, the City of Philadelphia! If you know someone who should be featured, let us know

Z’s Weekly Picks | Nov. 28 – Dec. 4

We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Did you sleep in? I sure did! Now that I’m (kind of) refreshed and ready for this week, it’s time for Z’s Weekly Picks! We’re officially in holiday season territory, and lots of festive events are coming up. Here are a few things to look forward to this week (besides all the leftover Thanksgiving foods, of course).

City Hall Holiday Festivities

City Hall is your one stop shop for lights, trees, a holiday market and ice skating. With all that in one place, you can’t avoid being bit by the holiday cheer bug.

Christmas Tree Lighting at Rittenhouse Square 

Grab a nice cup of coffee from Joe’s Coffee and round up your friends and head to Rittenhouse Square this Tuesday at 5 p.m. for the annual Christmas tree lighting! The 30 ft. twinkling tree sets the tone for people strolling through the very instagram-able Square.

The Good King Tavern’s 3rd Anniversary

This Wednesday, you can head to the Good King Tavern to help them celebrate their third anniversary with some great drink and food deals. If you’re in the mood for something different, they’ll be serving small French-fare plates. For a food lover, this pay-as-you-go event is great place to dip your toes into the Philly food scene!

Stag & Doe Night in Chestnut Hill 

If you’re looking to explore a little out of Center City, make your way to Chestnut Hill on Wednesday evening for the first Stag and Doe Night of the holiday season. You and your friends can enjoy some Christmas carolers, some holiday treats like roasted chestnuts (Chestnuts from Chestnut Hill!), tree lights and extended hours of the Chestnut Hill shops! You won’t want to miss one of the Hill’s oldest traditions. 

Ugly Sweater Party at the Philadelphia Museum of Art 

Personally, one of my favorite parts of the holiday season is wearing ugly Christmas sweaters! This Friday, climb the Rocky steps to get to the the ultimate Ugly Sweater Party at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Imagine yourself in an awesome museum in your not so awesome holiday sweater sipping on hot chocolate (spiked hot chocolate if you’re of age), snapping selfies in a photobooth, and enjoying live performances. That. Could. Be. You. 

So there you have it! Z’s Weekly picks up until December 4th. How is it December already?! If you have any suggestions or any feedback from these events, definitely let us know what’s happening around Philly! Tweet us @CampusPhilly.

Students of Philadelphia: Meet Kelsey from Arcadia University

“Students of Philadelphia” showcases just a few of the many talented and creative students that inhabit our amazing city. In this mini series, we will introduce you to some of Philly’s young, talented and ambitious students.  

Meet Kelsey Pendergast from Arcadia University:

Students of Philadelphia: Kelsey Pendergast from Campus Philly on Vimeo.

Can’t get enough of Kelsey and her awesome scientific illustration? Here’s a little more about her!

Zipporah Dixon: Hey Kels! Would you mind introducing yourself to us?

Kelsey Pendergast: Hi! I’m Kelsey, an artist at Arcadia University studying scientific illustration!

ZD: What was your first impression of Philadelphia? What do you think of it now?

KP: Since I grew up right outside of DC, it was kind of just different and new to me. Philly has really grown on me and I actually miss it when I go home.

ZD: What’s your favourite neighborhood in Philly? Do you have a special place in Philly that’s your special, (perhaps) getaway spot?

KP: I have a few! I really like Germantown, because it’s cute, quaint, and has a whole bunch of local shops. Another one would be Fishtown because of vibrant Frankord Avenue that’s home to great restaurants, shops and La Colombe’s headquarters.

ZD: Since you moved to Philadelphia, have you discovered something new about yourself?

KP: One thing that’s definitely changed while I’ve been living here is my art style. Before, I didn’t do color at all, I avoided it like the plague! My advisor/professor had a lot of projects that had to deal with color, so it was you either do this or you fail. It forced me to get into an area that I never really experienced and I actually really enjoy it so, it’s fun.

ZD: What is your artform/creative expression? Can you show us?

KP: Scientific illustration! Mostly medical art, I really like to explore the human body through figure drawings, I do a lot of drawing in my science classes and I can’t wait to get more into the medical side of it!

ZD: How has Philadelphia influenced your artform? Has the city inspired you in any way?

KP: A lot of my photography has been in Philly, because I thought Philly would be really cool to photograph. My favorite photo day was when the Pope came in, there was a grata and everyone put prayers on it and tied them to the structures outside the church, it was a lot of fun to photograph.

ZD: Have you immersed yourself into Philadelphia’s art scene? Have you considered it?

KP: I’d like to! I really like the mural concepts, I’m trying to look into an apprenticeship with one of my professors who does murals throughout Philly, so I’d really like to get into that.

ZD: So we know about the Cheesesteak scene here in Philadelphia, but where’s your favorite place in Philly to grab a bite to eat? Have a cuppa joe?

KP: Oh man, this is a hard question for me! I am a BIG fan of sushi, so Queen Sushi is my go-to. Oh and Wawa! Keswick Tavern, that’s a good local one.

ZD: What’s your one piece of advice for those considering coming to Philly for school?

KP: Explore the city. I know a lot of people who say, ‘I don’t want to go into the city, that’s a long way.’ It’s not far, and it’s a $7 trip there, $7 back! Some kind of awesome event is always happening and there’s so much to explore. Going into the city was one of the things that made me feel at home, especially freshman year. Walk down a main street, check out some shops, have dinner– do whatever you want! Just don’t stay cramped up in your dorm room.

So that’s a bit about Kelsey! Check back soon for our next featured Student of Philadelphia!

Z’s Weekly Picks | Nov. 21-27

As you’re all getting out your stretchy pants and gearing up to stuff your faces with some awesome food, don’t forget about all the amazing things there are to do in Philly this week! Sit back, relax, and enjoy a plateful of Z’s weekly picks!

Thanksgiving Parade

Before you get your grub on, head out to Ben Franklin Parkway to see the oldest Thanksgiving Day Parade in the country. Celebrating its 97th year, head out to catch the 1.4 mile long parade, with some of your faves like Curious George, Mr. Potato Head, The Grinch and Kermit hitting the Parkway. If you can’t be there in person, you can catch all the festivities on 6ABC.

Christmas Village and Made in Philadelphia Holiday Market

Head down to Dilworth Park next to City Hall for ice skating AND holiday shopping. Before or after you show off your moves on the ice, you can walk around and do a little shopping.  Maybe even cross a few people off of your holiday shopping list!

Macy’s Holiday Light Show

If you’re out shopping on Friday, make your way to the Wanamaker Building on Market Street for the Macy’s Holiday Light Show. Shows occur daily, beginning on Thanksgiving, continuing to New Year’s Eve, and typically start around noon, and the finale of the day ends with a final light show and some awesome holiday music played on the famous Wanamaker Organ.

Reading Terminal Market Holiday Railroad

The Market is always chugging along the good food express but something else is on the tracks during the holiday season– Reading Terminal’s 500 ft Holiday Railroad! It runs about a third of a mile in length, and if you’re able to count them all, it features 17 train lines!

Blue Cross RiverRink Winterfest

Looking for ice skating with a view? Head over to Penn’s Landing for the Blue Cross RiverRink Winterfest, where you’ll discover an Olympic-sized skating rink, an indoor lodge for food and drinks, and an amazing view of the Ben Franklin Bridge. 

So there you have it, my picks for the week! Let us know how everything was or if you have any suggestions! Tweet us @CampusPhilly.


Philly To-Do: Celebrate the Holidays

This time of year has a way of pushing time’s fast-forward button, so it’s never too early to start bringing out the tinsel, miseltoe and lights. From pop-up shopping nights to holiday light celebrations, there are plenty of Philly happenings to get you in a festive mood. Below are my picks that I’m looking forward to checking out! 

Holiday lights across the City 

If you’re anything like me, one of your favorite things about the holiday season is all the lights and decorations spread across the city. So, if you are indeed like me, you’ll be excited to know that this is an ongoing event going on throughout the city. Grab some friends, bundle up, and make a nice hot chocolate to go, and explore the neighborhoods of Philadelphia and the amazing decorations that’ll truly wow you. (My personal favorite is the Longwood Gardens lights)

Check out Visit Philly’s list of  The Top Places to View Holiday Lights in Philadelphia and head to the Parade of Lights at the Seaport Museum on Saturday, December 10!

Franklin Flea Holiday Market 2016 

Looking for unique, one-of-a-kind gifts? Stop by the Franklin Flea at the Historic Strawbridge’s Building happening on Saturday, December 17th from 10 am to 5 pm! In addition to great gift finds, you can grab a bite to eat from one of the many food vendors and enjoy live music performances throughout the day.

Looking for more events like this? Here’s uwishunu’s list of 10+ Holiday Markets To Shop In Philly This December.

Historic Holiday Nights in Old City 

Head to Old City this Thursday for Historic Holiday Nights, which runs every Thursday until December 22nd. 45 shops, restaurants and museums open up their doors to the public from 5-8 p.m. with special deals and an extended happy hour for those of age. This is a great way to explore Old City, and cross a few people off of your Christmas list!

Ice Skating at City Hall

Another holiday tradition, ice skating at Rothman Rink at City Hall!  If you can’t skate they even offer a five week session of skating lessons on Sunday mornings that include skates and admission. You can also warm up after skating for awhile with food and drinks around City Hall. 

In addition to Rothman Rink at Dilworth Park, lace up your skates at the Blue Cross RiverRink Winterfest!

Christmas Village at City Hall

Not much of a skater? You can still hit up City Hall for the Christmas markets starting later this month. More than 80 vendors will be out selling little trinkets and gifts perfect for the holidays. Not only will there be shopping but you can expect side-street performances and other special events throughout the entirety of the markets stay in Center City.

Catch the annual holiday show at Walnut Street Theatre

Want to catch an awesome show and see some history as well? Hit up Walnut Street Theatre, which just so happens to be America’s oldest theatre and catch a classic, Charles Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol’! Maybe take a stroll to Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell, which are just a quick walk away before settling in for a bit to watch an awesome cast perform one of the most classic Christmas favorites of all time.

Have “A Very Philly Christmas” at Fairmount Park

Music. Friends. Neighbors. Family. These four elements are the four most important ideas to our lovely city. Head to Fairmount Park to see some of the historical homes decked out for the season with these ideals in mind. Fairmount Park will also be hosting some really awesome events based around those four elements. Grab your friends, your family, your neighbors and head to Fairmount Park (while listening to some awesome music) and enjoy some of the things that make the City of Brotherly Love the best city to be in.

There you have it, Z’s holiday picks for this upcoming season.  For more events, you can always check out our calendar page. If you’re looking to take a road trip, check out For Planners Making Plans: Holiday Edition. If you have any suggestions or want to share your experience at one of these places, let us know!


Z’s Weekly Picks | Nov. 14-20

Hello friends!

It’s a new week, which means fresh starts, new opportunities, more classes and most importantly, my– a.k.a. ‘Z’s’– Weekly Picks! Looking for events and places to head to this week, look no further, I have you covered on all things Philadelphia this week.

Have fun, be safe and enjoy everything the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection has to offer.

Your girl,

P.S. Let us know if there’s anything coming up that should be on our radar! Tweet us @CampusPhilly or email us here

Danny Simmons: Mostly Philly at Art Sanctuary

Simmons is one of three founders of Rush Arts Gallery and Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation, which originally started in New York City, but Simmons has decided to relocate to our wonderful city in order to open another Rush Arts Gallery here. Danny Simmons paints as well, and his exhibit at Art Sanctuary shows off his abstract expressionist style of art, most of which was done after the move to Philly (get it…Mostly Philly!)

Franklin Square Holiday Festival & Electrical Spectacle Holiday Light Show

Round up your friends, bundle up in your warmest clothing, and grab a hot chocolate! This event has awesome treats, lights, cheer and it’s completely free (a college student’s favorite word). There’s also a few other events going on at Franklin Square including some delicious eats from SquareBurger, a holiday express train, and a beer garden for those of you that are of age.

Ice Skating and Winter Garden Maze at Dilworth Park

Now is the time to head City Hall and test out your ice skating skills on Rothman Ice Rink! Tuesday, November 16– and every Tuesday night until Feb. 21– is College Night at the Rink.  Grab your buds and head to Fado Irish Pub on Locust Street to have a bite to eat in an awesome Irish Pub and warm up before heading to City Hall for some fun on ice. College Night lets students get in for $2, not including renting the skates. 

First Person Arts Festival

This annual event has people come from all over to share their stories and experiences on stage. Past participants of this festival have included people such as musicians Toni Morrison and Talib Kweli, activist Angela Davis, celebrity chef, Marcus Samuelsson, and actress Janeane Garofalo. Come out and share your stories with others ready to listen and learn as well as talk about their experiences as well!

Philadelphia Marathon

If you need to re-up on feeling good, head out to this weekend’s Philadelphia Marathon weekend and cheer runners on! From Boathouse Row, historic downtown, to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, you can send words of encouragement to 60,000+ runners from all over the world.  


Students of Philadelphia: Meet Joseph from Arcadia

“Students of Philadelphia” showcases just a few of the many talented and creative students that inhabit our amazing city. In this mini series, we will introduce you to some of Philly’s young, talented and ambitious students.  

Meet Joesph from Arcadia University: 

Students of Philadelphia: Joseph Ferenchiak from Campus Philly on Vimeo.

Here’s a bit more about Joe, his music, and how he feels about Philadelphia!

Zipporah Dixon: Hey Joe! Would you mind introducing yourself to us?

Processed with VSCO with b5 presetJoseph Ferenchiak: My name is Joseph and I’m a fourth year International Business and Culture major with a double music and French minor here at Arcadia!

ZD: What was your first impression of Philadelphia? 

JF: Well, technically the first time I came to Philadelphia, I was in the fifth grade and I saw all of Old City specifically. We visited all the must-see historical spots. When I was coming into college, my impression was through tourist’s eyes.

ZD: What do you think of it now?

JF: Right now Philly is kind of like a home city where I do my day-to-day activities, like work or hanging out with friends.  

ZD: Where’s your getaway spot in the city?

JF: For me, my favorite neighborhoods are Center City and the Gayborhood. It just has that “city” feel to it, the Center City skyscrapers and the Gayborhood’s colonial charm. 

ZD: Since you moved to Philadelphia, have you discovered something new about yourself?

JF:  I was really awkward back in high school and since coming to college, I’ve really come out of my shell.  Philadelphia has really helped with that since I was able to meet a bunch of new people and do a lot of stuff that I was not able to do before.

ZD: So you’re a pianist?

JF: I am, I’ve been playing for 15 years.  I’ve also picked up singing a bit since I’ve come to school

ZD: Has Philadelphia influenced you with your artform in anyway? 

JF: Well, Philadelphia has influenced it in a lot of ways through music events and concerts and just working with my professors at my school.

ZD: So we know about the Philly Cheesesteak scene, but where’s your favorite place in Philly to grab a bite to eat or have a cuppa Joe? 

JF: My favorite place to go actually is this little coffee shop in Chestnut Hill, the Chestnut Hill Coffee Company. I go there every Tuesday to have my little cup of Joe (pun intended) and a pastry while I’m doing homework.

ZD: What’s your one piece of advice for those considering coming to Philly for school?

JF: Just do it! Philadelphia has a really good arts scene and it’s different from other cities. It has this very unique culture to it that you won’t find in say, New York City of Chicago. It’s very down-to-earth. If you’re looking for an at-ease city, where you can be your nice little hipster self, Philadelphia is just for you.

ZD: Thanks for sharing your Philly story, Joe. I’m headed out to lunch. Dare I get a cheesesteak?

JF: Whiz wit, Zipporah.

That was fun! Check back soon for our next featured Student of Philadelphia! And if you know someone who really embodies the qualities of our city, let us know. We definitely want to meet them and hear their Philly story. 

Z’s Weekly Picks: Nov. 7-13

It’s that time of the week again! If you’re looking for something to do or somewhere cool to go, your girl Z has got you covered! Below are some events and things worth taking a look at for this week.

Election Day Celebration at the National Constitution Center

To ring in Election day, the Constitution Center is having a slew of Presidential themed events. Stop by on Tuesday before or after you hit the polls to enjoy face-painting, crafts, trivia and a live stream of the election. If you come dressed up as a president or come with your ‘I Voted’ sticker, you get $5 admission into the museum!

Divine Lorraine Block Party

This one has definitely been a while in the making, after quite a few rain cancellations, the Divine Lorraine Block Party is coming to North Broad Street this Wednesday the 9th! As a celebration for relighting the Divine Lorraine sign, EB Realty Management will be hosting this pay-as-you-go Block Party around the historic hotel. Enjoy games, beer, music and much more!

Rotham Ice Rink & Wintergarden at Dilworth Park

Already in the Christmas spirit? Hit up Dilworth Park this Friday for the grand opening of Rotham Ice Rink and pop-up maze hosted right outside of City Hall. Greater Philadelphia Gardens helped create the maze. Whether you’re in the mood to skate and enjoy some great food and everyone’s favorite cold weather drink – hot chocolate – or head through this awesome maze, it’s clear that Dilworth Park is where the party is this weekend!

Questlove Supreme at the Foundry

The Roots drummer is returning the The Foundry! Questlove himself curated a jam session at the Foundry, this being a recurring event. Looking to hear some awesome music and have fun with friends, this is definitely the scene for you. Head to the Fillmore on Sunday to see Questlove of The Roots, you may have seen them on TV…as Jimmy Fallon’s house band!

So there you have it– Z’s Weekly Picks! If you have any suggestions or want to let us know how an event was, don’t forget to tweet us @CampusPhilly!