Top 5 Events: Black History Month

To celebrate Black History Month, we’re offering a look at venues and events that honor the importance of African-American figures in history and offer a celebration of contemporary African-American excellence. From museum explorations of historical art and happenings to modern film and poetry, this week’s Top 5 Events both take you back to the cultural history of African-Americans and offer a sample of the ways African-Americans shape Philadelphia today. So learn something and enjoy everything, because this lineup is a glimpse into history and filled with intriguing opportunities.

Underground Railroad in Philadelphia
When: February 7 & 8, 3:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. Where: Independence Visitor Center Theater, Market Street, Philadelphia Cost: Free!

The Underground Railroad was an extensive network of routes and safe houses used by slaves as a passage to free states and Canada during the 18th and 19th centuries. Philadelphia was a notable stop on this escape route to freedom. You can celebrate Black History Month by learning about the people and places connected to this pivotal era in American history at Independence National Historical Park, where a slide program details Philadelphia’s role in the Underground Railroad system. A park ranger will guide you through the program, highlighting the stories of Henry “Box” Brown, “The Father of the Underground Railroad” William Still, and more. Be sure to check out Independence National Historical Park’s other Black History Month program and events!

Represent: 200 Years of African American Art
When: Now through April 15th Where: Philadelphia Museum of Art, 2600 Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia Cost: Free with admission ($14)

The Philadelphia Museum of Art houses numerous collections of fine art, and among them are several by African-American artists. This marquee exhibition brings together more than 75 works from the museum’s growing collection, and celebrates over 50 artists that explore an array of mediums and themes. Some of the works include pieces by Henry Ossawa Tanner, Horace Pippin, Alma Thomas, and Carrie Mae Weems. The exhibition travels chronologically through critical historical periods, beginning with pre-Civil War works and moving through the Harlem Renaissance and into contemporary pieces. This historical and progressive breadth offers a wide perspective on the progression of African-American art.  Works vary from decorative pottery and sculptures to modern abstract pieces and compelling photography, so there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

Tides of Freedom: African Presence on the Delaware River
When: Daily, 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Where: Independence Seaport Museum, Penn’s Landing, Philadelphia Cost: $10

George Washington famously crossed the Delaware River during the American Revolution, but a history beyond the well-known one existed on this waterway. Tides of Freedom: African Presence on the Delaware River explores the concept of freedom by examining the African perspective along the Delaware River. The show was created by a committee of leading African-American scholars and was curated by University of Pennsylvania’s Tukufu Zuberi. Zuberi is a practiced storyteller and PBS History Detectives host, and will introduce each major section in the exhibition. Themes of enslavement, emancipation, Jim Crow, and Civil Rights highlight the show, and uncovered artifacts will be on display in the interactive museum. This exhibition offers the opportunity to examine a story that is part of Philadelphia and American history, one that has implications historically and contemporarily. Engaging storytelling and photos, videos, and artwork explore the meaning of “freedom” in this great exhibit by the water.

Ursula Rucker: My Father’s Daughter
When: February 6 & 7, 8:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. Where: Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts, 3689 Walnut Street, Philadelphia Cost: $20

Philadelphia-born Urusla Rucker is a spoken word recording artist whose compelling poetry techniques and stage presence make her an explosively strong performer. She has toured with 4Hero and King Britt, and has gained national and international acclaim. The show My Father’s Daughter is a live, epic poem that is accompanied by music and video. In the performance, Rucker tells her personal story of survival, one that traverses both pain and victory. Her raw and soulful poetry draws the parallels between her mother’s life and her own, illuminating how her relationships and struggles have shaped Rucker into the woman she is today. This show will be electric and inspiring; don’t miss out! Check out some of Rucker’s other work here.

Mysterious Travelers Concert Series: Anwar Marshall
When: February 9, 7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. Where:  Free Library of Philadelphia – Parkway Central Library, 1901 Vine Street, Philadelphia Cost: Free!

The Music Department at the Parkway Central Library, in collaboration with the Philadelphia Jazz Project and the Producers’ Guild, present free monthly concerts that feature up-and-coming artists as well as veteran performers. This month features Anwar Marshall, drummer an co-leader of a ten-piece ensemble called Fresh Cut Orchestra. The ensemble regularly plays at the Painter Bride Art Center and the Kimmel Center. Marshall’s music has collaborated with noteworthy musicians Dave Douglas, Tim Warfield, Duane Eubanks, and many others. These deep grooves and soulful sounds are sure to be entertaining, so don’t miss this free show!

Twists and Turns:
Finding a Career in Public Radio

Yowei Shaw didn’t go to the University of Pennsylvania wanting to become a radio producer — public radio was something she actually discovered through figuring out what she didn’t want. Shaw recalls that when she was very young, she aspired to be an international relations lawyer and she “vaguely wanted to do that for a long time.” But in college, she decided it wasn’t the right fit. It was during a summer internship at a progressive think tank in Washington, D.C. that she discovered her true passion. During that internship, she “listened to the entire archive of This American Life” and fell in love with radio. She says, “I bought myself a tape recorder and started teaching myself how to make radio.” And she’s never looked back.

Since then, Shaw has honed her radio skills with internships at WHYY and WXPN. She’s currently an independent radio producer who fills in as an associate producer at NPR’s Fresh Air with Terry Gross and has contributed stories to This American Life, NPR, and many other public radio programs. She also founded and directed Philly Youth Radio, which provided high school students the tools to create and produce their own radio stories. Topics discussed included finding love in an era of Twilight, learning English through cooking, and leaving home for college. Although Philly Youth Radio is no longer active, Shaw hopes to someday circle back to youth radio.

Looking back at her time at the University of Pennsylvania, Shaw says that the university was not the best fit for her, but rather than let that discourage her, she said the experience “pushed her outside the bubble” into the surrounding community. She was placed through an internship program with Neighborhood Bike Works. She says that “getting a bike and working there really cemented my love of Philly.” In going beyond the boundaries of Penn, she was able to feel real connection with different communities in the city and find a sense of place in a way that many college students are not able to.

Shaw stayed in Philadelphia after she graduated, and she says that the city “is the best place, the cost of living is affordable, and it still has a small-town feel.” One of the aspects of Philly that she particularly appreciates is that “there’s room to do things and grow as a person here…people can contribute here, it’s easy enough to figure out an angle and do something new that’s good. You can feel like someone in Philly.”

Open Arts Goes “Wilde” with
Student Tickets to the Opera

What happens when a scandalous love affair, a larger-than-life personality, and imprisonment all mix together? No, it’s not the latest blockbuster headed to the theaters…it’s much better. It’s the wild life of one of literature’s most flamboyant figures, Oscar Wilde. Known for his stories that often explored the dark side of art and humanity, his most interesting tale was his own, and now you can watch his life unfold on stage. Come experience everything from Wilde’s taboo love affair to the public frenzy that surrounded him, as it unfolds at the East Coast premiere of the opera Oscar presented by Opera Philadelphia, at the Academy of Music on Friday, February 6 at 8 p.m. Looking to be the first to make curtain call? Advanced Student Rush tickets through Open Arts are only $10!

The Man and the Opera

 Oscar explores the life of Oscar Wilde, one of the most daring and unapologetic authors of the Victorian era. Wilde was a 19th Century Irish writer best known for his numerous plays and his novel The Picture of Dorian Gray. His life spans a rise to literary fame, a trial and imprisonment for engaging in a relationship with a man, and an eventual fall into obscurity.  Wilde has since come to be remembered as one of the most celebrated, albeit infamous, literary personalities of his time. Bold voices and classic musical accompaniment will bring Wilde’s story to the stage; Oscar takes on the tall task of dramatizing the life of a man who penned tales about the human condition, suffered backlash for his romantic choices, and ultimately succumbed to an ear infection.

The Experience

The lights dim, the music rises, and sopranos sing out melodic notes —  you don’t have to know your libretto from your arioso in order to enjoy Oscar. It offers something for both the opera lover and the bookworm. Unlike many traditional operas performed in Italian, Oscar is performed in English and offers an eclectic experience that is unique all on its own. It is a sensory art form that immerses the viewer in music and story, sound and action, all while the exploration of humanity and drama unfolds. When was the last time Netflix did that?

If you’re nervous about your first night at the opera or just need a little more convincing, check out what some local college students said about their time spent at the opera through the Open Arts program: Danielle Nanni, who attended Opera Philadelphia’s performance of the biblical tale Nabucco, said, “…it was incredible!” It was her first time at the opera, through Opera Philadelphia and Open Arts, and she “would definitely go again.” Several other students who were surveyed offered feedback about their experiences and said that it was “an exciting and interesting experience,” and that the Academy of Music was “a nice space, with great performances.” You won’t know what you’re missing out on until you give it a try!

Ticket to a Wilde Ride

Don’t spend another Friday night glued to Netflix; come take part in the arts and  experience the opera at a discounted price. Save the ten bucks you would have spent on pizza and grab your friends or a date and watch a performance based on the life of one the most scandalous authors of the nineteenth century. Claim your ticket here through our Open Arts website. Not an Open Arts Member yet? Sign up for free here.

Top 5 Careers: Promote and Grow

This week’s Top 5 Careers are a good fit for those looking to help promote a company’s mission or product, as well as contribute to both their personal and professional growth. There are three internships (Independence Blue Cross, Sustainable Business Network, and Marketing Edge) seeking event planning, marketing, and project-based interns. If you’re looking to work with or develop technology, RJ Metrics is looking for a software engineer. All about customer service? Capitol One is seeking a sales associate to join their Capitol One 360 Sales Team to help market their financial products.

Independence Blue Cross: College Internship Program
It’s never too soon to start your internship search and gain some valuable hands-on job experience. As an Independence Blue Cross intern, you will have the opportunity to gain practical professional experience and career insight in the healthcare industry. Internships are project-based and you’ll get to take part in daily operations and support company initiatives. Perfect for anyone looking to explore career options in the healthcare industry!

Capital One: Inbound Sales Associate
If you are lucky enough to be one of those people who are a natural salesperson, then the Capital One 360 Sales Team is looking for candidates like you. Capital One is all about providing exceptional customer service by helping customers with their finances and providing the right banking solution. As part of the sales team, you will market financial products to new and existing customers. Ideal candidates should be independent, have excellent communication skills and be a stellar salesperson.

RJ Metrics: Software Engineer
Anyone who is all about software and technology would be a perfect fit for RJ Metrics, who is currently seeking a software engineer to aid in their mission to provided e-commerce and software businesses with an analytics platform that will help them make smarter decisions using data.

Marketing EDGE: Summer Internship Program
Looking for a change of pace? New York City-based company Marketing EDGE is looking for summer interns to help in advertising and promotional strategies and marketing. Interns have the opportunity to attend a summer education program sponsored by Google which will take place in Mountain View, California prior to the start of the internship. Anyone looking to boost their marketing skills and to get the chance to participate in a great professional opportunity should definitely apply. There are twenty internships available.

Sustainable Business Network: Event Planning and Outreach Intern
All about sustainability and going green? SBN is looking for an intern who is “outgoing, personable, and passionate about sustainability.” If that sounds like you, then get a jump start on applying for the opportunity to connect with over 400 businesses and build your professional network in the sustainable business community. Intern responsibilities include strategizing and executing events, building relationships with businesses, and reporting data results and new ideas to the membership team; candidates should be creative, social media savvy, and have an interest in sustainability and event planning.

Top 5 Events: Art and Culture

Sunday is Super Bowl weekend! And gameday, with all its food and friends and fun, is sure to be entertaining even if you don’t care who’s playing. So, to balance out all of that sports-centric excitement, this week’s Top 5 will focus on the opposite end of the entertainment spectrum: art and culture. From film and music to photography and the Chinese New Year, the events going on in Philly are sure to fill your cultural inclinations. So get out there,  learn something or appreciate something, and enjoy the vibrant artistic expression of the city!

AVA After Dark: La bohème
When: January 28th, 5:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. Where: Academy of Vocal Arts, 1920 Spruce Street, Philadelphia Cost: $10

La bohème is one of the world’s most performed operas, and you can see AVA’s production of it for just $10. Nineteenth century Paris comes to life on the stage, as quixotic depictions of love and loss define the lives of starving artists. The music is composed by Giacomo Puccini, who is considered one of the best Italian operatic composers; his melodies are well-known to anyone familiar with opera. Opera aficionado or not (hey, opera music can be fun), this performance is definitely a must-see! After the performance, head to the Café Momus for French-style treats and brewery (21+). Get your tickets here!

Sanctuary Series: History of Early Photography in Philadelphia
When: January 28th, 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. Where: Fleisher Art Memorial, 719 Catharine Street, Philadelphia Cost: $10

In the mid-19th century, America was already internationally known for its photography (in its early forms, daguerreotype production). This recognition stemmed largely from developments that were being made in Philadelphia. Alice Cutler will present a talk on the boom of photography in Philadelphia. Ms. Cutler currently manages the Alexander Artway Archive in Philadelphia, and received a Master of Arts in Photography from Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London. Her discussion will explore how photography was transformed by the scientific community, as well as how it was used and shaped by entrepreneurs in Philadelphia from 1839-1851. If you have an appreciation for photography or history, or are interested in learning more about the technological and artistic progression of the medium, this event is an intriguing opportunity.

St. Lawrence Quartet
When: January 28th, 8:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. Where: Philadelphia Chamber Music Society, 1528 Walnut Street, Philadelphia Cost: Free!

Enjoy a night of string sounds when the St. Lawrence Quartet rolls into Philly. Quartet-in-Residence at Stanford University, the group’s performances are internationally acclaimed for their exquisite and exciting musical performances.  The group will be performing pieces composed by Haydn, Berger, and Adams. Even if you normally appreciate music that is the opposite of this group’s forte, such as pop or folk or rock, this is an opportunity to see one of today’s most impressive chamber music groups—so don’t miss out. Open Arts members can attend the performance for free, so be sure to get your tickets here!

Penn Museum World Culture Series: Chinese New Year Celebration
When: January 31st, 11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Where: Penn Museum, 3260 South Street, Philadelphia Cost: Free with admission ($10)

February 19 will mark the Chinese New Year, the Year of Sheep (or Goat). Celebrate the approaching New Year with a day of festivities at Penn Museum! There will be music and dance performances, Tai Chi and Kung Fu demonstrations, and crafts. You can exercise your creativity at a variety of workshops, including calligraphy, tangram, and paper cutting. Also be sure to check out the amazing galleries featuring Chinese and Buddhist art. Don’t miss this fun day of celebrations!

Penn Humanities Forum: “Pariah” Screening 
When: February 4th, 7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. Where:  International House, 3701 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia Cost: Free!

The Penn Humanities Forum’s series featuring New Black Cinematography continues this week with a free screening of the 2011 film Pariah. This cinema series honors the work of Bradford Young, the acclaimed cinematographer whose work captures visions of African-American communities from New York City to Mississippi. He again presents a visual masterpiece in Pariah, which tells the story of Alike, a 17-year-old African American teenager who discovers her lesbian identity and must handle her family’s response. The film won the Sundance Excellence in Cinematography Award. Enjoy a night of film with this commended screening!

Inspire, Lead, Change at the
Inclusive Leadership Conference

On Saturday, February 14, join 400 other college students as you learn the best practices to lead inclusively, explore your own leadership values and exchange ideas to promote social change through collective impact. Over 20 workshops, presentations, panels and dialogues will be offered at the conference, presented by regional higher ed institutions, business leaders and community partners.

What kinds of workshops will be offered?

  • Vanguard, the 2015 ILC corporate sponsor, will take participants on an interactive journey to explore the importance of being an authentic leader.  Do you have what it takes?  Join Vanguard as they present The Power of Authentic Leadership and see if you have what it takes to become the type of leader people want to work with. All students who attend this workshop will receive a book as a thank-you gift. This workshop would be a great opportunity for students to meet and connect with the top student leaders in the region.
  • Are We Teaching Diversity All Wrong? Join presenters from Temple University and Collegiate EmPowerment for a unique conversation between two professionals and friends – one white and one black – that will challenge what you know about diversity and all of the –ism’s.
  • Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation will show students that Anyone Can Lead. This workshop will dispel the myth of what a great leader looks like and show examples of how unconventional leaders have helped influence change.

Why should you attend?

  • To connect with 400+ other student leaders from the Greater Philadelphia region – who knows, you might just meet your next program partner!
  • To participate in cross-cultural conversations around diversity, inclusion and social change
  • To learn how to be a change agent for collaboration
  • And last, but certainly not least – to receive a special conference gift!

Need-to-know details:

  • Register here:
  • Bring a pen and notepad to jot down all of your favorite takeaways and to exchange email addresses with other attendees
  • Show your school spirit by wearing your school colors or your favorite school swag
  • Breakfast and lunch will be served! Please email if you have any dietary restrictions
  • Join the conversation using #ILCPhilly

If you have any questions or concerns about the conference, please feel free to reach out to Monet Thomas-Anderson at 215.988.1707 ext. 103 or at

The 2015 Inclusive Leadership Conference is produced by the Temple University Office of Leadership DevelopmentTemple University Housing and Residential Life, and with support from Vanguard.

Top 5 Events: Winter, Indoors & Out

The cold has arrived, and winter has taken over the city. But that doesn’t mean that fun events have stopped–there are thing to do both inside and outside in this week’s Top 5 Events. Whether it’s inside an extensive and gorgeous conservatory, or outside in an equally-impressive maze of Christmas trees, you can fight the cold or embrace it with this week’s events.

The Ultimate Recycled Maze at Linvilla Orchards
When: Now until March 1st, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Where: Linvilla Orchards, 137 W Knowlton Rd., Media Cost: $5

Do you wonder what happens to Christmas trees that aren’t bought? Think you’ve got a good sense of direction? Enjoy an exciting (and green!) way to re-purpose unsold Christmas trees. Thousands of trees are collected and arranged to create an extensive, winding maze at Linvilla Orchards. The design takes anywhere from 20 minutes to a half hour to finish, depending on how well you can navigate it. This is a fun opportunity for you to get outside with your friends, and enjoy the trees before they are recycled into chips. If it’s cold, warm up by playing some mini golf, or head into the café. Here’s some maze appreciation to get you in the spirit.

Penn Humanities Forum: “Mother of George” Screening 
When: January 21st, 6:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. Where: The Ibrahim Theater at International House, 3701 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia Cost: Free!

Expand your cultural understanding by attending the screening of Mother of George,  a 2013 Nigerian film that explores the lives of a Nigerian couple living in Brooklyn. Their inability to conceive a child is a misfortune that shakes their family and leads them to make a life-changing decision. The film captures the vibrant life of these two people; its imagery was so noteworthy that cinematographer Bradford Young , who also recently worked on the Academy-Award-nominated Selma, received Sundance 2013’s Cinematography Award: U.S. Dramatic for his work on the film. Following the screening, Bradford Young will conduct a Q&A session with the audience. Best of all: this event is free!

Longwood Orchid Show
When: January 24th through March 29th, 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Where: Longwood Gardens, 1001 Longwood Road, Kennett Square Cost: $10

Winter has settled in Philly, but it’s still balmy at Longwood Gardens. The 4-acre Conservatory is warmed to support the nearly 5,000 colorful orchids that surround the space. The flowers hang from baskets, are crafted into elegant arrangements, and wind around structures throughout the extravaganza. The horticulturists have created their largest-ever basket orchids and an oncidium waterfall. Also, a walk through the orchid meadow is a great way to relax and unwind. So while the trees remain bare outside, head indoors for this awesome display that celebrates the vibrancy of the beautiful plants!

Clover Market: Winter Market
When: January 24th & 25th, 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Where: 23rd St. Armory, 22 S. 23rd Street, Philadelphia Cost: Pay as you go

The Clover Market is always a great place to find something unique, whether it’s a forgotten antique or a detailed craft. Over 100 vendors will display their original art, antiques and collectibles, vintage clothing, jewelry, and more. From innovative art to little treasures, there’s something for everyone at this colorful market. You can also grab some food from the lineup of food trucks that will be there. This market is a great chance to pick up something to decorate your dorm or apartment, or to just peruse the awesome vintage goods that will be on display!

Philadelphia Museum of Art Pay-What-You-Wish 
When: January 28, 5:00 p.m. – 8:45 p.m. Where: Philadelphia Museum of Art, 2600 Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia Cost: Pay what you wish

Campus Philly’s Open Arts is offering ticket vouchers for a pay-what-you-wish Wednesday night at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. You can enjoy the exciting and interactive collections, or even tap into your creative side or play some games. Join workshops on drawing or creating origami, stretch into yoga poses in the galleries, or browse the work of regional artists, musicians, and cultural organizations. This is a great way to experience the numerous artistic ventures that the museum offers, and you can do it with your friends and set the price that you want to pay.

Top 5 Careers:
Working With and For People

The Top 5 Careers this week involve working with people in all kinds of capacities. You can visit terminally ill patients at Gentiva Hospice, work in human resources with VILLA, focus on reaching funders for Sustrana LLC, reach out to partners of the Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts, or work in an office setting with Golf Property Analysts. Whichever internship or job you apply for this week, you’ll be working with (and helping) people.

Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts: Summer Marketing Intern
Work behind the scenes of one of the best performing arts venues this summer as a marketing intern at the Annenberg Center. Help them promote their 2015-16 season by assisting with partner outreach, social media, program book creation, project management and administrative tasks. Qualifications include experience with Microsoft Office as well as excellent communication, time management and analytic skills.

VILLA: Human Resources Intern
VILLA, a retail apparel store with an impressive “give back to the community” program, is seeking a human resources intern for this semester. Responsibilities would include a range of human resource tasks, including creating and maintaining electronic personnel files, updating the store directory, creating and updating job descriptions for all open positions (both corporate and retail) and providing employees with weekly HR updates. Experience in the field of human resources is preferred.

Sustrana LLC: Social Entrepreneurship Internship
If you’re interested in helping companies and organizations integrate sustainable practices into their day-to-day business, Sustrana LLC is looking for a social entrepreneurship intern. This internship is open to both undergraduate (juniors or seniors) or graduate students in business. The intern would primarily work on the planning and execution of Sustrana’s fundraising strategy. Main responsibilities would include research on and prioritization of potential funders, work on funding applications and ongoing refinement of their business plan.

Golf Property Analysts: Research and Admin Intern
This is your opportunity to work for a boutique real estate consulting firm that specializes solely in golf properties. Golf Property Analysts is looking for a research and administration intern from Memorial Day until Labor Day. Qualifications include knowledge of Microsoft Office, research skills and social media.

Gentiva Hospice: Internship Program
Give time this semester to visit terminally ill patients in Montgomery and Bucks County through the internship program at Gentiva Hospice. The hospice is looking for students interested in fulfilling community service who have cars with updated insurance and current drivers licenses. Applicants should also be able to perform office duties and basic administrative tasks.

How Staffing Firms Like Robert Half
Can Land You a Job

As second semester begins, many of you may be eyeing the middle of May with a feeling of trepidation. For those graduating, it may seem like there is no way you will ever find a job ever. For those who still have a year or two to go, you might be thinking about summer positions, where you’re going to be for the summer and the reality of finding housing.

We may not be able to solve all of those problems (we are unfortunately not an apartment rental company), but we can help get professional experience. We already offer a job board designed specifically for college students and recent graduates in the Philadelphia area, best tips and advice from employers and experts on how to land a position and a calendar of upcoming career-related events all around the Greater Philadelphia area. But we wanted to let you know about another avenue that might be able to help you get some experience or land a job: professional staffing agencies.

“Wait, temping?”

Yes, but although temporary placements are a staple of professional staffing agencies, they are only one of several types of placements that they do. We spoke with Ginger Kochmer, Vice President–Division Director of The Creative Group, which is a division of Robert Half in Philadelphia. Robert Half places accountants, creatives, financial employees, legal employees, managers, tech employees, and creatives in various freelance, temp-to-hire, and permanent positions. The Creative Group works specifically with those seeking creative and marketing positions.

 When looking for a position, many students and recent graduates don’t consider using a professional staffing firm, but Kochmer explains that firms like The Creative Group give applicants advantages that they may not enjoy in a “traditional” job search.

“We have relationships with our clients, and we know what the client expectations will be,” explains Kochmer. Unlike in a job search where you send your resume into a general HR employee, the people at The Creative Group are specialists who can identify an applicant’s particular skills and match them with the best employers.

“If I look at someone’s book, I can turn around and say ‘you know what, this person would be perfect for X client’ and then reach out to my contact there” says Kochmer. This is a huge advantage for both the talent, who are able to get their foot in the door of companies they would not have been able to otherwise, and for the clients, who are assured the best talent and fit possible.

Another advantage of using a staffing agency, Kochmer explains, is that it gives students a chance to experience different work environments and companies. Do you want to work in a large company with a very specific set of responsibilities, or would you prefer a smaller setting with greater flexibility? These are the kinds of questions that using a staffing agency can help answer, because you have the opportunity to get placed in many different companies and environments.

The process of applying to The Creative Group is straightforward. One of the recruiters will reach out to the applicants, Kochmer explains. They’ll review their application with them, and this will be followed by a Skype or in-person interview. During the process, the recruiter will complete a skills evaluation which will assess the applicant’s strengths and weaknesses. “We are able to find the better fit for someone by working closely with them and placing them in the right business,” says Kochmer. If an applicant has a strong background in illustration but not as much experience with layout, for example, The Creative Group will be able to help find a position that suits them.

The best part of using a staffing agency like Robert Half and The Creative Group? “Because [many of the positions] are freelance, we could have someone come into the office today, and they could go to work tomorrow,” says Kochmer.

For more information, check out The Creative Group and Robert Half.

This Semester’s Guide to
Every Cool Event in Philadelphia

We lied: we can’t really tell you about everything that is happening in Philly this semester, but we can give you a pretty good starting point. This list covers everything from major city events (like the Philadelphia Science Festival, woop woop!) to programs put on by Campus Philly in partner with many other organizations in the city. Get excited.

Restaurant Week, January 18-23 and January 25 – 30 
This one is basically a student’s dream: amazing food from the top restaurants in Philadelphia (which are some of the top restaurants in the country) for a fixed price. Although there have been spin-off Restaurant Weeks in University City and Manayunk, the Center City one is the original.  Three-course lunches are $20 and three-course dinners are $35 at restaurants such as Zahav, Xochitl, and High Street on Market among over a hundred others. Feeling a little overwhelmed by all the choices? offers you some great advice on how to make the most of Restaurant Week.

Inclusive Leadership Conference, February 14
Attention all student leaders, this one’s for you! Temple University and Campus Philly will host a one-day leadership conference open to ALL Philadelphia-area college students. The 2015 Inclusive Leadership Conference will give college students the chance to enhance their leadership knowledge and skills through presentations, workshops, dialogues, and panels on topics related to inclusive leadership and social change.

Philadelphia Science Festival, April 24 – May 2
So much science. Science everywhere. With everything in past years from a the massive science carnival on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway to DIY fermenting of cheese and beer, this is sure to be an awesome geekfest. And while participants definitely learn about chemistry, biology, and physics, the festival has also historically hosted events about topics like ecology and the science behind zombies.

 Philadelphia Flower Show, February 28 – March 8
You might be thinking “okay, lots of flowers in pots…” but the Flower Show is so much cooler than that. It is the largest flower show in the country, where hundreds of exhibitors put together amazing (and enormous) flower displays that take weeks to assemble. The theme of this year’s Flower Show is “Celebrate the Movies” so you’ll be able to go over Dorothy’s rainbow and see classic films come to life.

Campus Philly Online Internship Fair, March 23 – 27 
In order to make sure that you know about all the internship and job opportunities happening in Philadelphia and the surrounding area, Campus Philly has an online job board (similar to a site like Monster or where you can search for opportunities in dozens of industries. Every March, we have an Online Internship Fair where tons of employers post opportunities, and it is free for students at Campus Philly partner schools. So be sure to register for an account, log in, and find your perfect job or internship.

Philly Tech Week, April 17 – 25
This annual celebration of technology and innovation in Philadelphia has had over a hundred events in past years, ranging from playing a giant game of Tetris on this side of the Cira Centre (not even kidding) to conferences for student entrepreneurs. Check out their continually-updated list of events and get your tech on in April.

Dance PHL, Mid-April 
Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, whose goal is to eradicate pediatric cancer, will be having a dance marathon this spring for those who want to have fun and help out with a great cause. The dance marathon format will feel familiar to anyone who has heard about Thon at Penn State. Dancers have to raise a certain amount of money for the cause, and they are also looking for students to help out on the committee that will put on Dance PHL — if you’re interested, fill out this form.