You Never Know What Opportunities Await when you Stay Connected: an Interview with Haley Altus of Publicis Health Media

The term “networking” can be strangely intimidating, don’t you think? It shouldn’t have to be, which is why Campus Philly created a series of Launch Events throughout the fall semester, designed specifically to make networking feel less strange, and focus more on building authentic, genuine connections with young professionals doing awesome work in Philly, like Haley Altus of Publicis Health Media.

Haley is one of our discussion leaders at Spark Philly, our next Launch event taking place on Tuesday, October 29. Haley and several other individuals living and working in Philadelphia will sit down with small groups of students to talk about their career journey – how they got to where they are, tips and advice they’d recommend, and why Philadelphia is the best place ever to launch your career.

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What It’s Like to be a Creative Director at Comcast: an Interview with Sabina Fletcher

Sabina works with Comcast Xfinity Consumer Services team, which designs the online and app experience for Comcast products and services so that customers can shop, purchase, set up, troubleshoot and manage their account and services.

Sabina graduated with an MFA from Tyler School of Art at Temple University. Her background is a mix of interactive design and 3D modeling. 

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    Land Your Dream Job during Intern Philly, March 19-29, 2019

    Looking for your next internship, or graduating this spring and unsure of your next steps?  Well you’re in luck! Campus Philly (that’s us) is hosting a virtual career fair, called Intern Philly, from March 19 to 29.  Hundreds of companies will post jobs and internships for both college students and recent graduates, through the Campus Philly Launch site!

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    How These Philly Student Entrepreneurs Manage to Do It All

    We’re consistently impressed with the work ethic of Philadelphia college students. It seems like every day, we learn of a new student pursuing their passions, while managing a full course load and a busy schedule. So many students have a “side hustle” – whether it’s an app, a non-profit, or a compilation of freelance projects. Take a look at these Philadelphia students’ side hustles, and find out what gets them motivated – so motivated that they’ve used their creativity to build a company in addition to going to college full-time.  

    Behind each company is an inspired student that used their knowledge and passion to create new innovative apps and services that help others.  Where will your entrepreneurial spirit take you?

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    How These Penn Students took their Research on Cheating all the way to Florence, Italy

    The Master of Behavioral and Decision Sciences (MBDS) at Penn equips students with theoretical and practical tools to address a variety of real-life problems. Sakshi Ghai and Francesca Papa, two graduates of the program’s inaugural class, became interested in the problem of deterring dishonest behavior—and the solution took them all the way to Florence, Italy. Continue reading “How These Penn Students took their Research on Cheating all the way to Florence, Italy”

    Being an Advocate for Yourself – An Interview with Jennifer Kurowski, VP, Creative Director at Digitas Health

    Inside Parliament Coffee on 15th Street, just around the corner from the Campus Philly office, I sat down with Jennifer Kurowski, VP, Creative Director at the Philadelphia-based advertising agency, Digitas Health, a member of the Publicis Health healthcare communications group.

    Jennifer will be a panelist at this year’s Create Philly, Campus Philly’s networking event taking place on October 23 at WeWork to show students the creative opportunities waiting for them in a Philly career.  With thriving sectors of theatre, art, advertising, writing, and marketing, there are infinite possibilities in Philly for utilizing a creative degree in a professional setting!

    Jennifer was kind enough to sit down with us and answer a few questions about her Philadelphia college experience, her transition into a career in copywriting, and thriving in her creative work at Publicis.  Tea in all of our hands, we began to talk about our college experiences, and Jennifer’s story is by far the most interesting… Continue reading “Being an Advocate for Yourself – An Interview with Jennifer Kurowski, VP, Creative Director at Digitas Health”

    Three Ways College Students Can Use Self-Storage to Get Organized and Save Money

    A special message from our partner:

    Many college students begin to realize a common problem when they move away from home and begin a life of their own: living space is expensive. If you want your own private room or apartment, this often costs much more than a shared dorm room. While you save money in one place, you sacrifice space in the other. It may seem like there is no way to accommodate all of your belongings in a particular space, but there is another option students can take advantage of which they do not always consider. College students in Philadelphia often don’t realize they can rent a self-storage unit and enjoy all the benefits of extra space without needing to pay extra for housing. If you are a student currently attending college in the city, you can greatly benefit from what self-storage Philadelphia has to offer.

    1. Rent a Smaller Living Space

    Whether you live in a college dorm room, rent a studio apartment, or even live in a house with a group of other roommates, you are likely short on space. In any of these living situations, there are not very many places where you can store your previous semesters’ textbooks, personal items from home, bikes, instruments, sports equipment, or anything else. A lot of students have realized that they are able to rent a self-storage unit to keep a lot of these items instead so that their dorm or apartment is only filled with the things they need the most. Renting self-storage allows you access to your belongings any time you might need them without needing to keep them in your limited living space. You also save money because you will not need to sacrifice more money for a large place to live. Pro tip: consider sharing your storage unit with a roommate you trust. It can also cut down the monthly cost of your storage unit.

    2. Keep Only Essential Items in Your Living Space

    As a college student in Philadelphia, you have a lot going on. From taking classes to working and balancing a social life, organizing your belongings may not be at the top of your priority list. Keeping your books, notes, and living space organized, however, is key to a successful college career, and a storage unit can help with this. When you rent a unit from a storage facility, you reduce clutter and distractions so you can focus on your studies. Self-storage allows you to keep non-essential items organized and safe while you go about your daily routine.

    3. Solve the Summer Storage Problem

    One dilemma that Philadelphia college students often face is what they will do with all of their personal items and furniture when they move back home for the summer or take a long summer trip or internship. Moving all of your items back home is a hassle and often impractical, but college students often feel this is the only way they can keep their belongings safe while you are gone, but self-storage eliminates the problems usually associated with moving during the summer. Consider storing your books, furniture, childhood memorabilia, movie collection, binders, and notes in your own storage unit so you don’t have to worry about what will happen to them while you are gone. This will help you enjoy your summer without the added stress moving often entails.

    If you’re ready to get organized, create more space in your already small living area, or enjoy your semesters off without the stress of moving, self-storage can help. You don’t need to sacrifice your money for space. Getting a storage unit in Philadelphia may be the best investment you could make during your college years.

    Live in the Philly Moment!

    What an exciting time to be a student in Philadelphia! The Eagles are Super Bowl bound, The Franklin Institute has a special student discount to see the famed Terracotta Warriors and there are cool upcoming events happening all over the city, PLUS Open Arts Membership Week and Wired:Philly, our recruiting event for science and tech majors.  Below are our weekend picks!

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