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Hooked on Recruiting: Meet Chase, Executive Recruiter at Global Employment Solutions

Connecting and placing job seekers in a position they’ll love is what keeps people like Chase Rodriguez, Executive Recruiter at Global Employment Solutions (GES), thriving.

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You Never Know What Opportunities Await when you Stay Connected: an Interview with Haley Altus of Publicis Health Media

The term “networking” can be strangely intimidating, don’t you think? It shouldn’t have to be, which is why Campus Philly created a series of Launch Events throughout the fall semester, designed specifically to make networking feel less strange, and focus more on building authentic, genuine connections with young professionals doing awesome work in Philly, like Haley Altus of Publicis Health Media.

Haley is one of our discussion leaders at Spark Philly, our next Launch event taking place on Tuesday, October 29. Haley and several other individuals living and working in Philadelphia will sit down with small groups of students to talk about their career journey – how they got to where they are, tips and advice they’d recommend, and why Philadelphia is the best place ever to launch your career.

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What It’s Like to be a Creative Director at Comcast: an Interview with Sabina Fletcher

Sabina works with Comcast Xfinity Consumer Services team, which designs the online and app experience for Comcast products and services so that customers can shop, purchase, set up, troubleshoot and manage their account and services.

Sabina graduated with an MFA from Tyler School of Art at Temple University. Her background is a mix of interactive design and 3D modeling.

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Getting Creative with Words: Meet Matthew, Rowan University ’19 and Junior Copywriter at Tierney

On Thursday, September 26, hundreds of college students from all over the Philadelphia region will head to Saxbys HQ for Create Philly, Campus Philly’s event for creative majors looking to gain insight, advice, and connections from young professionals working in Philadelphia’s creative industry. The evening will start with a panel discussion featuring three individuals making an impact in the creative space in Philly, followed by connecting with others over FREE dinner from honeygrow and a coffee bar at Saxbys.

Campus Philly recently sat down with Matthew Vesely, Junior Copywriter at Tierney, a full-service advertising agency in Philadelphia and sponsor of Create Philly. Matthew and other creative professionals from Tierney will be at Create Philly to meet students and share their Philly stories, and how their career path led them to work for one of the city’s top agencies. Sign up for Create Philly today, and read Matthew’s “Philly story” on the Campus Philly blog!

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From Dublin to Philly: Juno Search Partners’ Dylan Foley & his Philly Story

This summer, the Campus Philly team took a tour of the Juno Search Partners offices in Center City (insider tip: they’re awesome, and there’s a shuffleboard table!) to learn about the women-owned company’s work in search and staffing. Juno specializes in connecting the right kind of people with the right kind of place throughout the Philadelphia and New York City metro region. They’re known as “The Ultimate Connectors” – the team of experienced recruiters specializes in assisting growing companies to build out their workforce through custom-built recruitment solutions.

While at Juno, we met with Dylan Foley, Director of Sales & Operations, to talk about his work at Juno and why it excites him so much, and how he ended up in Philly after growing up in Dublin, Ireland.

Check out our full interview with Dylan, and learn about his Philly story, below:

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Going the Extra Mile to Land a Full-Time Job at one of Philly’s Top Digital Marketing Agencies

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According to a new Campus Philly study: nursing and accounting students stay in Philly; economics majors, not so much.

In the organization’s recently released Philadelphia Renaissance report, Campus Philly noted a 115% increase in college-educated 25- to 34-year-olds in Philadelphia between 2000 and 2017. Between the city and region, there are 118,500 additional young degree holders now living and working in Greater Philadelphia, generating an annual $394 million in city and state tax revenue.

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Land Your Dream Job during Intern Philly, March 19-29, 2019

Looking for your next internship, or graduating this spring and unsure of your next steps?  Well you’re in luck! Campus Philly (that’s us) is hosting a virtual career fair, called Intern…

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Finding a Community in the City – An Interview with Anthony Malerba of Comcast

Throughout the Campus Philly Launch Series, we’ve provided college students in the Philly area with opportunities to learn about the different career options available to them at networking events and…

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How These Philly Student Entrepreneurs Manage to Do It All

We’re consistently impressed with the work ethic of Philadelphia college students. It seems like every day, we learn of a new student pursuing their passions, while managing a full course…

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