Part 1: What’s Your Philly Story?

College is an adventure – an adventure about the discovery, creation, and development of your story! Campus Philly is starting a new series called “What’s Your Philly Story?” where we share students’ stories of what brought them to Philly, why they love it here, and how they’re making the most of this awesome city.

We reached out to a few students from different schools and varying studies to tell us about their college experience, sharing what makes their education and story so special.

We want to hear YOUR story! Tag @CampusPhilly on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook or send us an email and tell us why you chose to go to school in Philly, and why you think this city is the best.

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Three Ways College Students Can Use Self-Storage to Get Organized and Save Money

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Many college students begin to realize a common problem when they move away from home and begin a life of their own: living space is expensive. If you want your own private room or apartment, this often costs much more than a shared dorm room. While you save money in one place, you sacrifice space in the other. It may seem like there is no way to accommodate all of your belongings in a particular space, but there is another option students can take advantage of which they do not always consider. College students in Philadelphia often don’t realize they can rent a self-storage unit and enjoy all the benefits of extra space without needing to pay extra for housing. If you are a student currently attending college in the city, you can greatly benefit from what self-storage Philadelphia has to offer.

1. Rent a Smaller Living Space

Whether you live in a college dorm room, rent a studio apartment, or even live in a house with a group of other roommates, you are likely short on space. In any of these living situations, there are not very many places where you can store your previous semesters’ textbooks, personal items from home, bikes, instruments, sports equipment, or anything else. A lot of students have realized that they are able to rent a self-storage unit to keep a lot of these items instead so that their dorm or apartment is only filled with the things they need the most. Renting self-storage allows you access to your belongings any time you might need them without needing to keep them in your limited living space. You also save money because you will not need to sacrifice more money for a large place to live. Pro tip: consider sharing your storage unit with a roommate you trust. It can also cut down the monthly cost of your storage unit.

2. Keep Only Essential Items in Your Living Space

As a college student in Philadelphia, you have a lot going on. From taking classes to working and balancing a social life, organizing your belongings may not be at the top of your priority list. Keeping your books, notes, and living space organized, however, is key to a successful college career, and a storage unit can help with this. When you rent a unit from a storage facility, you reduce clutter and distractions so you can focus on your studies. Self-storage allows you to keep non-essential items organized and safe while you go about your daily routine.

3. Solve the Summer Storage Problem

One dilemma that Philadelphia college students often face is what they will do with all of their personal items and furniture when they move back home for the summer or take a long summer trip or internship. Moving all of your items back home is a hassle and often impractical, but college students often feel this is the only way they can keep their belongings safe while you are gone, but self-storage eliminates the problems usually associated with moving during the summer. Consider storing your books, furniture, childhood memorabilia, movie collection, binders, and notes in your own storage unit so you don’t have to worry about what will happen to them while you are gone. This will help you enjoy your summer without the added stress moving often entails.

If you’re ready to get organized, create more space in your already small living area, or enjoy your semesters off without the stress of moving, self-storage can help. You don’t need to sacrifice your money for space. Getting a storage unit in Philadelphia may be the best investment you could make during your college years.

Nine reasons why you should make summer plans with Penn

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It’s never too early to start making plans for your summer, and the University of Pennsylvania is the perfect place to start. With Ivy League academics, an expansive global network and a convenient location right in the heart of University City, there are plenty of reasons to explore all that Penn has to offer this summer – enroll in courses online, on campus and abroad to get ahead on credits and expand your academic horizons.

  1. You can enroll through open admissions
    If you want to take classes online or on campus, there’s no need to worry about completing a formal academic application. Admissions for summer courses are open for visiting undergraduates.
  2. You can earn all the credits in nearly half the time
    Summer at Penn is designed with flexibility in mind. You can receive college credit in 11 weeks or in just five-and-a-half weeks during one of the accelerated sessions.
  3. You can make the poolside your classroom
    Online classes provide you the opportunity to experience the Ivy League from anywhere in the world, including your own backyard.
  4. You can actually get a seat in the library
    When you take summer classes on campus at Penn, you can enjoy historic libraries, state-of-the-art laboratories and modern study spaces—with leg room to spare.
  5. You can travel across the globe and earn credit while doing it
    Did you know that applications for Penn Summer Abroad are open to students outside of Penn? From Havana and Buenos Aires to London and Madrid, Penn takes you on thrilling academic journeys. Many of the programs take place over a span of weeks, so you have plenty of time to soak up summer at home.
  6. You can still sleep in as late as you want
    Evening and online courses mean you can catch up on z’s. The flexibility of summer offerings provides room in your schedule for a summer job, internship, road trip and the all-important TV-watching marathon.
  7. You can experience a lush urban oasis
    With thousands of trees along Penn’s sprawling green campus, the University is an accredited arboretum. Lounge on College Green, play soccer in Penn Park and cycle through University City’s protected bike lines while studying at one of the nation’s top institutions.
  8. You can dive into fascinating and out-of-the-ordinary topics
    There are more than 300 courses available on campus and online, so there is something for everyone at Penn in the summer. From visual neuroscience and Beyoncé to witchcraft and human evolution, you can get ahead on your degree requirements and explore what excites you.
  9. You can enjoy your favorite lunch truck without the wait
    Last, but certainly not least, summer is the perfect time to finally figure out who really serves West Philly’s best burrito. Without the crowds, you can indulge in global fare from the famous food trucks that line almost every block of Penn’s campus.

Visit the Penn Summer website to learn more about online, on-campus and abroad programs.

How Penn’s New Master of Behavioral and Decision Sciences Program Can Prepare You for the Professional World

Making plans after college can be an exciting, yet overwhelming time in your life. If you’re considering a graduate program instead of jumping straight into the workforce, the University of Pennsylvania’s new Master of Behavioral and Decision Sciences opens you up to a world of professional possibility.

In just one year of full-time, on-campus study, you experience the academic rigor of the Ivy League and learn how to positively impact decisions and behaviors in a variety of fields—including public health, social and public policy, business, law, education and much more.

Here’s how Penn’s Master of Behavioral and Decision Sciences can equip you for a bright future:

  • Develop a concentration
    During your studies, you take a common core of three behavioral methods courses and then select a concentration in an area that matches your professional interests and goals. Penn’s academic advisors and world-class faculty guide you through the process and introduce you to opportunities to conduct research and practice in the field.
  • Get equipped with practical tools and apply them
    In this program, you learn to model how individuals and groups make decisions. You study the behavioral and neural foundations of decision-making, and have the opportunity to design lab and field experiments to test your hypotheses around solving a real-world problem.
  • Gain professional experience
    Your hands-on education doesn’t stop in the classroom. Penn’s renowned faculty and industry experts can introduce you to internships, research labs, think tanks and field work at the University, around the city or across the globe.
  • Expand your network
    When you join the Master of Behavioral and Decision Sciences program, you join an extraordinary community of thinkers and doers at one of the finest centers of learning in the United States. The interdisciplinary curriculum allows you to take classes across Penn—including the School of Arts & Sciences, the Wharton School, Penn Law, the Perelman School of Medicine, the Annenberg School for Communication and more. By participating in Penn’s full academic scope, you expose yourself to networks and opportunities that can lead to a bright future.
  • Use Penn’s exceptional resources
    As a Master of Behavioral and Decision Sciences student, you not only have access to the program’s vast academic and professional resources, you also have access to all that Penn has to offer. From historic libraries and cultural centers to state-of-the-art facilities and career services, Penn has everything you need to succeed in your field of choice.
  • Earn Ivy League credentials
    When you graduate with a Master of Behavioral and Decision Sciences degree, you can prove to employers and professional schools that you have the personal commitment and technical savvy to excel in your field. Earning a graduate degree from Penn in a growing field of study puts you ahead of the curve.

Penn’s Master of Behavioral and Decision Sciences is now accepting applications. If you have a strong academic background and are interested in this dynamic program, you are encouraged to apply. The fall 2017 priority deadline is March 1, 2017 and the regular deadline is May 1, 2017. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the program team.

Students of Philadelphia: Meet Maura from Arcadia University

“Students of Philadelphia” showcases just a few of the many talented and creative students that inhabit our amazing city. In this mini series, we will introduce you to some of Philly’s young, talented and ambitious students.

Meet Maura Weaver from Arcadia University:

Students of Philadelphia: Maura Weaver from Campus Philly on Vimeo.

MW: Hi! My name is Maura Weaver, I’m 21 years old, and I’m an international studies major (pre-law) at Arcadia University.

ZD: How do you like living in Philadelphia?

MW: I really like Philadelphia because I’ve been discovering really cool parts, like Spruce Street Harbor Park. Plus, it’s the most historically important city in America and I’m all about history. 

ZD: What’s your favorite neighborhood in Philly? Do you have a special place in Philly that’s your special, (perhaps) getaway spot?

MW: My favorite spot in Philly is Rittenhouse Square because you can just sit, have a cup of coffee, and people watch.

ZD: Since you moved to Philadelphia, have you discovered something new about yourself?

MW: Since I’ve come to Philly and started at Arcadia, I’ve realized I have a talent and a knack for ceramics!

ZD: How has Philadelphia influenced your art form? Has the city inspired you in any way?

MW:  I never really saw Philly as an “art city,” but that changed very quickly after I moved here and went to all the awesome museums and cultural venues (a lot of them have great student discounts, by the way). Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens on South Street really influenced my ceramics because I took a lot of what I saw in there and tried to add it into my own work. 

ZD: So we know about the Cheesesteak scene here in Philadelphia, but where’s your favorite place in Philly to grab a bite to eat? 

MW:  I really love shawarma and there are some really good food trucks in Philly that serve it!

ZD: What’s your one piece of advice for those considering coming to Philly for school?

MW: My best advice for students in Philadelphia would just be to explore. Try things you’ve never tried! Random foods, different places you’ve never even thought of going to– that’s how I discovered Spruce Street Harbor Park! I just happened to stumble upon it one day because I was exploring.

You heard Maura– get out and explore your extended campus, the City of Philadelphia! If you know someone who should be featured, let us know

Look No Further: Internship Help

As a senior in college, I completely understand the pain of looking for an internship. I’ve searched since my sophomore year, applied, reapplied, fixed my resume then applied again and sometimes it seems as if nothing works. So here’s my advice to all the freshmen, sophomores, juniors and even seniors who need a little extra help snagging that dream internship.

P.S. Once your resume is spruced up, head over to this Thursday’s career event — SPARK: Philly— at WHYY Studios.  SPARK will give you the opportunity to gain real insight into launching a successful career in Philadelphia straight from employers who have thrived here. Leaders from Philadelphia-area companies will encourage small group discussions by drawing upon their own experiences and answer any questions that you may have. The event will conclude will networking to connect with hiring companies and other college students.

Fix your resume.
Don’t have a resume? Make one. Seriously. You’re trying to sell yourself to an employer, so you want to highlight your accomplishments and everything that shows them you’re a good candidate. Don’t forget to include your school information.  Philadelphia schools in general are very impressive, whether the big ones or small– don’t sell yourself short.

Know where to look.
There are so many different sites to use to start your search. Being that you are a student in or near Philadelphia, I suggest starting with Campus Philly’s career page. It has a whole list of internships in the city and in surrounding areas, and outlines exactly what the job entails. 

Go into this with an open mind
When I first started looking for internships I only wanted to work with huge companies, but those are highly competitive. I’m not saying you can’t do it, but don’t let those big companies be the only ones you apply to. Start off small and work with what you’re experience is. You can find some real gems out there, especially in Philadelphia where there’s so much going on all the time.

Don’t forget to use your school’s resources
Most schools, if not all of them have some type of career education services. They are there to help you and even have their own search engines to help you find internships. These people are there to help you, so let them!

Apply. Apply. Apply.
Going along with keeping an open mind, you want to apply for a lot of internships at one time. Take advantage of how many internships are available, just because it isn’t 100% what you were looking for, you may end up loving your internship. A great place to find job postings? Campus Philly’s career site.  They have a special Online Job & Internship Fair (OJIF) happening October 24-28!  

Know your deadlines!
Landing that internship is a priority to you, so put it at the top of  your to-do list. You don’t want to miss out on an internship you really want because you submitted everything a day late.

Keep track of EVERYTHING.
Especially if you apply for many internships. You don’t want to get a response from a company and have to scramble around to find out which one it was. Make sure you keep a note of which internship is which.

Go to networking events. (Like SPARK!)
Your school holds or informs you about networking events that go on throughout the year. Go to them! This is a great way to meet possible employers and connect with them. Also, Campus Philly holds great networking events as well, such as SPARK: Philly, that help you meet employers throughout Philadelphia.

If there’s contact info, contact them.
Everyone is busy, so sometimes you have to take that initiative and contact an employer. It’s ok to follow up on the status of your application– it shows you’re really interested and determined.

Don’t give up!
It feels like it’s all for nothing, but trust me, if you’re persistent and determined, it’ll all work out and you’ll land that awesome internship in one of the greatest cities in the U.S.

So there you have it, my advice to you on how to land that internship. Just take your time, sort everything out and you’ll land that job in no time. Good luck and happy searching!