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One word to describe The Spiral Bookcase would be “strange”- but that’s a good thing! This Manayunk bookshop prides itself on being home to those with “stranger souls and wilder minds.” They have a wide variety of book selections, including many of witchcraft and other “strange” topics. Small and cozy, this shop welcomes all to come in and peruse their selection to find your next interesting read.

After more than a decade of celebrating the magic of stories, The Spiral Bookcase will close its brick & mortar location on December 21, 2023—the Winter Solstice. Please know they are only saying goodbye for now. The essence of Spiral will endure, as all the best tales do. 

Insider’s Tip: Spiral accepts book trades and donations for store credit! The credit can be used toward 100% of the purchase price of used books, or 50% towards new books.


The Spiral Bookcase