Thinking about going to college in Philadelphia? GREAT! It’s the best place in the world to be a college student, just take it from the 300,000+ students that love this city as much as we do at our college partner schools, all over the Philadelphia region.

When you go to school in or around Philly, the entire city is at your fingertips. It’s extremely walkable, easily accessible by public transportation, and offers something for everyone – whether that’s museums, concerts, sporting events, festivals, or exploring a new park in a new neighborhood (Philly’s got a ton!).

We’re thrilled that you’re considering Philadelphia for your college career! If you decide on Philly (fingers crossed!), you’ll get to meet the Campus Philly team at CollegeFest, College Nights, and career events all year long.

Before you visit campuses and explore the city, check out our resources below that might be helpful to you as you get to know Philly, including how to get around the city, the neighborhoods to explore, the best museums to visit, and so much more.

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