We’re so glad you’re here. Philadelphia is the best city on the East Coast (or, maybe anywhere) to be a college student. It’s affordable, diverse, easy and fun to explore, and there’s always something to do.

When you go to school in or around Philly, the entire city is at your fingertips. It’s extremely walkable, easily accessible by public transportation, and offers something for everyone – whether that’s museums, concerts, sporting events, festivals, or exploring a new park in a new neighborhood (Philly’s got a ton!).

Here are just a couple of reasons why Philadelphia is a great city to be a college student:

Central Location: Philadelphia is located 100 kilometers south of New York, 133 kilometers north of Washington, DC and one hour from great beaches and mountains for skiing and snowboarding.

Easy to Reach: International students and families find Philadelphia one of the easiest cities to travel to in the U.S. There are direct flights from more than 16 international destinations and very short connector flights from New York City and Washington, DC.

Four Seasons: The region has four distinct seasons, enabling residents to enjoy summer’s sunny beach days,  autumn’s fall colors, winter’s skiing and outdoor skating and spring’s beautiful blooms.

Major Economic Sectors: Philadelphia has a very diverse economy, with major concentrations in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, health care, technology, visual and performing arts, higher education, finance, insurance and real estate. What does this mean for college students? Excellent internship and professional development opportunities.

Colleges & Universities: The Philadelphia region has the second-largest number of colleges in the nation. Within 100 kilometers, more than 100 colleges and universities are located in a variety of urban and suburban settings. Plan your trip today and visit one of our renowned institutions by visiting our College Partner page.

Check out the resources below that might be helpful to you as you get to know Philly, including how to get around the city, the neighborhoods to explore, the best museums to visit, and resources specific to Philly’s international students.