SEO & PPC Intern

UGI Utilities, Inc.

Summer Help – Operations

Health Advocate

Claims Specialist

Anita T. Conner & Associates, P.C

Accounting Internship

UGI Utilities, Inc.

Summer Help – Warehouse


InLiquid Exhibitions Internship

Philadelphia Eagles

Ticket and Fan Services Academic Intern (Spring)


URBN Summer 2022 Internship: Supply Chain, Finance, Software Engineering, IT

Amicus Therapeutics 2022 Summer Internship

Summer Intern – Technical Operations Business Operations and Planning


Regional Director


Studio Logistics Coordinator

Full Time

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Manage Calendar.
Allocate Expenses.
Manage Factory Charges & COGS Invoices.
Manage Budgets for photoshoots and special events.
Manage Supply and Purchasing.
Assist Bookkeeper and/or 3PL with Wholesale Invoices Accounts Receivables.
Assist Bookkeeper with Accounts Payables Expense Allocation at the end of each month.
Manage studio space organization, cleaning and maintenance.

Pick and Pack Ecommerce orders.
Monitor order fulfillment on a daily basis.
Assist Ecommerce Manager with out-of-stock orders.
Process order cancellation requests and/or replacement orders.
Investigate customer returns.
Manage Ecommerce Inventory on a weekly basis.
Sample Trafficking for Ecommerce Photoshoots.

Communicate with Showroom/s.
Sample Trafficking for Wholesale Market in NYC, London, and Paris.
Sample Trafficking for seasonal Lookbook Photoshoots.
Manage Stockist Order Confirmation and Invoices in Apparel Magic.
Ensure Apparel Magic customer profiles, orders, and invoices are accurate and true due to sync integration with Quickbooks and Shopify.
Email Order Confirmations to Stockist Buyers.
Check vendor Receipts against Purchase Orders – i.e. order fulfillment, discrepancies, etc.
Check Quality Control.
Pick and Pack Wholesale orders until new 3PL International and Domestic Distributions management.
Manage Stockist Buyers shipping logistic and warehouse communications and/or vendor portals.
Manage Damage and RTV (return) stock and inventory.
Manage ATS (Available to Ship) stock and inventory.
Communicate with Ecommerce Manager if changes in Wholesale stock impact Ecommerce inventory.
Assist Brand Partnerships Director and Marketing Director with Content Photoshoots and Special Events production.

Manage Product Development and Production Calendar.

*More responsibilities and qualifications required not listed. Full listing can be shared upon contact. Thank you!

Positions Available: 1