Darryl N. Williams

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Flashback to my college days!

DNW_college - Darryl Williams

Education History:  Hampton University

What was your major(s) in college, and what do you do now? Chemical engineering, and I am currently SVP of Science and Education for The Franklin Institute

Why is Campus Philly's mission important? Campus Philly creates a supportive ecosystem for students from diverse backgrounds to live and thrive in Philadelphia. This has huge implications for the long-term success and sustainability of our city as a place of choice for employment and building a fruitful life.

Why should students use Campus Philly as a resource during their college years in Philadelphia?For all the reasons described above!

Why should organizations partner with Campus Philly? It is strategic to partner with Campus Philly because the organization provides an avenue to reach students where they are and demonstrate commitment to investing in their future success as productive employees (or employers)—and civically engaged residents.

Favorite Philly recommendations? Sixers and Phillies games! Taking a walk through the Wissahickon. And visiting the Bok rooftop!