David Wilson

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Flashback to my college days!

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Education History:  University of Pennsylvania (undergrad), Saint Joseph's University (MBA)

What was your major(s) in college, and what do you do now? Economics Major, Psychology Minor; I am now in government and community relations at Drexel University

Why is Campus Philly's mission important? As a lifelong resident of the Philadelphia region, I am intimately familiar with all that this region has to offer. I have attended two top Philadelphia universities and now work at a third. The ability to connect students with our region is crucial in order to get them to embrace all that this region has to offer and keep them here for the long-term.

Why should students use Campus Philly as a resource during their college years in Philadelphia?Born and raised in the City of Philadelphia, I was very familiar with all that this city had to offer a young person, but most of my fellow classmates were not. It is crucial for both the city and the universities to expose our students to the wonderful assets that we have here in order to create a home for them and encourage them to stay here—even upon graduation.

Why should organizations partner with Campus Philly? One of the most important things a university can do in order to create a long-term relationship with a student is to get him or her to feel like the campus and surrounding community is a place where they want to be, not just during their time matriculating here, but for the long-term. If successful, the student will be more likely to remain involved with our institutions well beyond their time as a student.

Favorite Philly recommendations? While there are so many options here, as a native Philadelphian, I thought it would be good to hit something beyond cheesesteaks, soft pretzels, art museum steps, etc. If you want to have a wonderful evening, I would start with a great dinner at a local Italian treasure called Melograno. Then, directly across the street from Melograno is Helium Comedy Club. How can you possibly top a wonderful meal and a night full of laughter?