Mary Beth Daisey


Flashback to my college days!


Education History:  University of Pennsylvania

What was your major(s) in college, and what do you do now? English and Psychology major, then Master's of Ed in Counseling; now I am in Student Affairs in Higher Ed

Why is Campus Philly's mission important? Connecting students to the Philadelphia region and all it has to offer—and helping them get internships and launch careers in the region—are all critical to a student's positive college experience and connecting their college path to the launch of their career.

Why should students use Campus Philly as a resource during their college years in Philadelphia? Students should use Campus Philly as a resource for many reasons: it's a great way to get to know and connect with the Philly region, to meet other students from other colleges, to network with regional professionals and other students, to get experience while in college (internships, co-ops), and to find careers as they are finishing their degrees—and, of course, to get discounts at entertainment, transportation, and sports venues, too.

Why should organizations partner with Campus Philly? To expand the opportunities for students for internships & careers!

Favorite Philly recommendations? Walking the Kelly Drive Art Museum loop and actually looking at all of the sculptures in the park, including Joan of Arc, the Cowboy, and many others. Or attending a Phillies game, walking the concourse, and eating all of the great food—and of course cheering on the Phillies!