Mike Reisinger


Flashback to my college days!

Mike Reisinger_College IIII - Mike Reisinger

Education History:  I attended Penn State University for my undergraduate degree and Hofstra University for my graduate degree.

What was your major(s) in college, and what do you do now? My major in college was Industrial/Organizational Psychology. I started my career conducting survey research, moved into a HR Business Partner role, and now I am a Compensation Manager at JPMorgan Chase.

Why is Campus Philly's mission important? Searching for a job after graduation can be very stressful. Campus Philly's resources and events can assist during this time and hopefully make the job search less stressful. In doing so, Campus Philly creates a win-win situation for students in finding a job while retaining a valuable member of the local community.

Why should students use Campus Philly as a resource during their college years in Philadelphia? Campus Philly helps students quickly acclimate to the area by connecting them to local activities, restaurants, housing, businesses, and new friends. When I moved to attend grad school, I didn't know anyone or the area around me—which was intimidating. If I had a resource like Campus Philly, I would have created a social network quicker and had much more fun during my first year of grad school.

Why should organizations partner with Campus Philly? Talent, Talent, Talent! The labor market is still extremely competitive, and investment in Campus Philly opens businesses to a large, diverse talent pool to help them meet hiring needs and build the workforce of the future.

Favorite Philly recommendations? This is a tough one as there are so many to choose from! I enjoy craft beer so Other Half has fantastic beer and a fun venue. Monk's Cafe is another good spot to taste hard-to-find beers. My wife and I enjoy good food and Philly has so many excellent restaurants. Laurel Restaurant owned by Nick Elmi (Top Chef winner) was amazing, too, and we even got to meet him!