Seth Jacobsen

Headshot - Seth Jacobson

Flashback to my college days!


Education History:  Chestnut Hill College and Drexel University

What was your major(s) in college, and what do you do now? Undergrad Major: Psychology; Grad School Major: Education. Current Profession: Catto Scholarship, Executive Director

Why is Campus Philly's mission important? Campus Philly helps our city retain college graduates. And having more college-educated residents living and working in Philly creates a better city for all!

Why should students use Campus Philly as a resource during their college years in Philadelphia? Students should use Campus Philly as a resource for identifying meaningful job and internship opportunities during their college years. While a college degree will get you in the door, having work experience will give you a significant advantage! Moreover, students should use Campus Philly as a resource for building a strong network. Events like Philly Night Out are the perfect opportunity to build your network while having a little fun along the way!

Why should organizations partner with Campus Philly? By partnering with Campus Philly, higher education institutions can improve retention rates through high-quality programming and events that deepen students' connection and sense of belonging to this wonderful city we call home.

Favorite Philly recommendations? I'm a history nerd so I can't get enough of Old City. I recommend visiting ALL the sites and museums in Old City. I also recommend picking up a good book of historical fiction based in Philly—and reading it under a tree or on a bench in Old City!