7 Questions to Ask in an Interview (and 3 to NEVER)

You know the feeling when you’re in a job interview and it’s going GREAT, and you answered every question about your résumé, felt comfortable with all the responsibilities of the position, hit it off so well with the person interviewing you that you feel you’ve known each other for a lifetime…but then they ask you that dreaded question: “So do you have any questions for me?”

According to Business Insider, “…every interview is a two-way street. You should be interviewing the employer just as much as they’re interviewing you. You both need to walk away convinced that the job would be a great fit.”

But you can’t ask too many questions, right?  And what if you ask the wrong questions? After scouring the web and asking around the Campus Philly office, here are seven questions to ask in an interview (and three to avoid unless the situation calls for it). Continue reading “7 Questions to Ask in an Interview (and 3 to NEVER)”

Find Yourself a Fall Internship

Most college students have heard of the quintessential summer internship. It’s a great opportunity to get some “real world” experience, network with professionals, and see if a field is the right fit for you. Summer isn’t the only time you can gain this experience: you can also snag an awesome opportunity for this fall.

Not sure what kind of internships are available and the best ways to go about landing one? Professionals from Campus PhillyAllen & Gerritsen, and USLI spoke about the fall opportunities they are offering and all of the fall internship perks. Each of them provided career-specific advice that will help you succeed in the certain field.

Campus Philly

Roger Estes, Creative Manager at Campus Philly, is offering a 12-month paid graphic design internship for undergraduates and recent graduates starting in the fall. Responsibilities will include creating images for the website, event campaigns, CollegeFest, and fall career events.

“One perk to being an intern at Campus Philly is that you’re working on highly visible projects. For fall and spring, both of our interns had a lot of work published in the Insider Guide, and that’s an 80,000 copy run.”

If you’re interested in this or similar graphic design internships, Roger suggests that applicants keep their cover letter concise.

“I wouldn’t write more than two paragraphs for the cover letter. I’ve gone through a number of hiring processes for both interns and full-time people. You just don’t have time to read a five paragraph cover letter.”

Applying and interviewing for internships can be an overwhelming process for anyone, no matter what the industry. Roger provided two pieces of simple advice.

“Just get yourself out there. Show some personality so you don’t just blend in.”

Allen & Gerritsen

Kelly Poulson, the Vice President of Talent and Operations at Allen and Gerritsen, described the differences between the summer and fall internship programs at her company.

“For our summer internship, we usually have a larger group that collaborates on an intern project together. In the fall, we’ve got a smaller crew whose efforts are more broadly focused.”

This fall, A&G is launching a new program called the A&G Apprenticeship and will act as a  “crash course in advertising.” The six-month apprenticeship will include a rotation in business leadership, new business and marketing, and strategy.

“Our intent will be to give this person an opportunity to work on projects, find mentors, learn the ropes and, at the end of it, figure out what role within A&G would be right for them. If were unable to hire them full time at the end of six months, we hope to help them land at a dream job elsewhere.

Philly can get snowy in the winter but don’t let the inclement weather deter you from taking an internship. Oftentimes, supervisors are flexible and understand if you can’t get into the office.

Everyone here has a laptop and the ability to work from home. Most of us don’t work from home 100% of the time because we believe that something special comes out of our in person collaborations. But when it storms, our philosophy is be safe. We don’t want to put you in a situation where you are stressed out,” Poulson said.

Lastly, Poulson offered her best strategy to finding an internship.

“Find a company that you’re really interested in. Then, start to reach out to some of their people, whether it be on LinkedIn or some other way to ask questions and learn more about the organization.”


Instead of offering fall internships, USLI does something a little bit different: they offer year-round internships. Kate Mulvey, the Assistant Vice President and Team Leader for the College Help Program at USLI, explained that if you apply to be an intern at USLI in your sophomore year and if you get accepted, you can stay until you graduate.

“The perks are that they are going to be learning what full-time people are doing. They’re contributing to the team just as if they were a full-time employee. So we have them doing pretty extensive projects.”

Mulvey stressed the importance of having strong time-management skills to balance school and internship work. She understands that interns who work during the school year are often less available than during the summer.

“During the semester, we ask that they work a minimum of 12 hours, but they can work up to 29 hours per week. It varies for each student depending on their school schedule.”

If you are interested in working at USLI, reach out to the company directly. Mulvey often recruits students for internships by going to local campuses and speaking to student organizations and business fraternities.

Top 5 Careers: Great Internships

If you’re a college student seeking a fall internship, this list is definitely for you! We’ve compiled five incredible internships that are sure to give you professional experience. Check out these five opportunities at Campus Philly, Bentley Systems, WPXN, the Philadelphia 76ers, and Resources for Human Development.

Campus Philly: Events Editorial Intern Fall 2015
Let me tell you, being an editorial intern at Campus Philly will be great! As a current CP editorial intern, I know you’ll have plenty of opportunities to hone your writing skills. So, if you’re a strong writer, savvy at social media, and have outstanding communications skills, apply to this position before August 12! As the Events Editorial Intern, you will encourage students to explore Philadelphia by informing them about festivals, good food, and local happenings among other events. By the end of this internship, not only will you have a large amount of clips, you will also have experience working in the nonprofit industry and a deep understanding of the City of Brotherly Love.

Bentley Systems: Bentley Institute Services Intern
Bentley Systems, a company working to provide architects and engineers (among others) with special software for infrastructure, is hiring a Bentley Institute Services Intern. In this position, you will sharpen your communication skills by creating content for the user newsletter, promoting company conferences and events by creating social media posts and web content, and developing necessary internal communication. If you are an effective writer and communicator, ready to work on complex projects, and acquainted with social media, apply to this paid internship now!

WXPN: Engineering and IT Assistant Intern
If you love music and know a few things about engineering at technology, the Engineering and IT Assistant Intern at WXPN, a Philly-based award-winning radio station known for playing rock, blues, roots and folk, is for you! Your main duty will be to assist the Engineering and IT departments in supporting computer systems used for desktops, Digital Audio Workstations, and audio recording/playback systems. You will also have the opportunity to perform system backups, troubleshoot, and install and upgrade software. Applicants must be proficient in these five well-known computer applications: Window XP/ Windows 7, Microsoft Office 2007 Suite, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and anti-virus software. It’s definitely worth carving out ten hours a week from your schedule to intern here!

Philadelphia 76ers: Corporate Hospitality and Events Intern
Do you consider yourself the ultimate planner? If so, don’t pass up this awesome opportunity with Philly’s premier basketball team! The Philadelphia 76ers are looking for a Corporate Hospitality Intern to assist them in planning and implementing corporate hospitality events. This intern will also manage staff on event nights, brainstorm and research new venues and vendors, assist with the corporate client gift program, and participate in planning and site visits. The perk: this internship is paid!

Resources for Human Development: Fall Interns
Resources for Human Development a nonprofit headquartered in Philly, is recruiting for multiple positions for the upcoming fall semester. Specifically, they are hiring one undergraduate or recent graduate to intern for each of the following departments: Human Resources, Diversity and Inclusion, Accounting, Custodials, Community Relations, Government Relations, and the One Step Away program. RHD’s internship program lasts 12 weeks and interns are expected to be in the office for two days per week. Don’t miss the opportunity to work for this great organization!

Top 5 Careers: Gear Up for Fall

Although summer isn’t over yet, it never hurts to plan ahead. Now is the time to start planning out your fall. Companies have already posted their fall internships, so see which ones you want to land for the upcoming semester. If you’re a recent graduate or already in the workforce, this week’s Top 5 Careers still applies to you! There are plenty of companies in the midst of hiring new staff.

Campus Philly: Campus Philly Fellow

Here at Campus Philly, we are looking to bring two Campus Philly Fellows on board. The ideal candidate would be energetic, organized, and excited to take on challenges. As a Campus Philly Fellow, you will be responsible for event production and management, student service and presentations, relationship building and program tracking. Applicants should be comfortable with public speaking and have strong collaborative skills. Join one of the coolest organizations in the city (if we do say so ourselves).

Here’s My Chance: Social Media and Marketing Intern

If you’re interested in a marketing career, this internship at Here’s My Chance, a creative agency, is a great opportunity to see if it is the right fit for you. Some of the intern’s duties will include managing social media, creating content, managing MailChimp, and creating templates and procedures. Candidates should be tech savvy and proficient in Microsoft Office, WordPress, Facebook, LinkedIn for Business, Vimeo, and Hootsuite. Your supervisor will train you in BaseCamp, MailChimp, and Base CRM. At this internship, not only will you get professional experience, you will sharpen your web skills and learn new platforms.

Sustrana LLC: Junior Web Application Developer

Sustrana LLC, a sustainability management consulting and technology company located in Devon, PA, is hiring a Junior Web Application Developer to work one day per week. In this position, you will help develop the new product: Sustrana, a platform aimed at teaching businesses how to be sustainable. Since the company’s technology platform includes Microsoft ASP.NET 4.5 and C#, Microsoft Azure DocumentDB, HTML 5, CSS#, Javascript, and jQuery, applicants should be comfortable working with them. This is a great opportunity for recent grads to work with business professionals and technology experts!

AL DÍA News Media: Operations Intern

A lot of work goes into getting out the news everyday. If you’re interested in what it takes, AL DÍA, a multi-platform news organization targeting the Latino community, is hiring an operations intern. In this position, you will work alongside executives to maintain effective logistical approaches to operations. Preferred applicants are quick thinkers and can work well in a team.

Fleisher Art Memorial: Interim Teen Lounge Coordinator

This year-long opportunity is great if you’re interested in combining art and education. The Fleisher Art Memorial  is hiring an Interim Teen Lounge Coordinator. In this position, you will create a program that reflects the artistic interests of the youth participants and allows for the development of their leadership and social skills. The Teen Lounge Coordinator needs to be available on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays between 3:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. This is a great opportunity to spearhead your own initiative and test it out!

Top 5 Careers: Opportunities for Optimal Organizers

Campus Philly Top 5 Careers

For this week’s Top 5 Careers, organization is key. Whether you’re supporting a senior team at AL DIA News Media, planning events at Campus Philly, pursuing multiple sales leads at theITSupportCenter, developing a program at the Fleisher Art Museum, or administering senior services at Surrey Services, you will need to be highly organized to keep everything running smoothly.

AL DIA News Media: Strategic Projects Coordinator

AL DIA News Media, a Philly-based news organization focusing on the Latino experience, is hiring a Strategic Projects Coordinator. The applicant should have at least two years of experience in operations and project management, be tech and social media savvy, and does not need to know a word of Spanish (although it is a plus). The Strategic Projects Coordinator will be responsible for supporting the Senior Operations Team by managing calendars, participating in the weekly staff meetings, and serve as a liaison between the Senior Operations Team and outside vendors. Other duties will include assisting in event planning and execution, and handling human relations.

Campus Philly: Campus Philly Fellow

Are you a recent college grad? Are you a pro at public speaking? Are you comfortable working with different types of people, whether it be students, corporate partners, or community groups? If you answered ‘yes’ to those three questions, this position at Campus Philly is a great fit for you. As a Campus Philly Fellow, you will be responsible for four main areas: event production and management, student service and presentation, relationship building, and program tracking. Campus Philly is looking to hire someone who has experience in event planning and marketing, can work in a team, and has strong interpersonal skills. Because of all of the experience you’ll gain in this position, you won’t regret this two-year commitment!

theITSupportCenter, LLC: Client Account Representative

If you’re in Sales and know a few things about technology, this position is for you! theITSupportCenter, a company providing technical support for off-the-shelf hardware and mobile devices, is hiring a Client Account Representative. In this position, you will be performing thorough research on prospective clients, explaining the services and benefits of being a client of theITSupportCenter, and managing client relationships by keeping in contact with them. Applicants should be able to track several sales leads at once and have effective communication skills. Bonus: first year salary expected to exceed $60,000!

Fleisher Art Memorial: Interim Teen Lounge Coordinator

Do you want to share your art enthusiasm with teenagers and help make art accessible to everyone? If so, check out the Interim Teen Lounge Coordinator position at Fleisher Art MemorialDuring this year-long position, you will be responsible for developing a program that reflects the artistic interests of the youth participants and allows for the development of their leadership and social skills. It is important that applicants are available Monday through Wednesdays from 3:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Surrey Services: Nutrition Supervisor Program Assistant

Surrey Services, an organization focused on providing home services to seniors, is hiring a part-time Nutrition Supervisor Program Assistant. In this position, your duties will include assisting with volunteer recruitment and training, helping administer senior services in Delaware County, and supporting senior programs, including the daily lunch program. Candidates should have a strong understanding of people and their needs, be proficient in Microsoft Office, and be able to lift 35 pounds. You’re an even better candidate if you have experience in the food service industry or have a current ServSafe Certification!

Top 5 Careers:
Marketing and Management

Are you all about marketing or management? If so, this list is definitely for you! Positions range from those for expert to rookie marketers or managers. We have included a mix of full-time positions, a part-time position, and internships. The skills you learn in a marketing or management position are applicable to any future position you might have, so taking a position in those fields is never a bad idea.

Campus Philly: Campus Philly Fellow
If you absolutely loved your college experience and want to insure that other students have a similar experience, this opportunity at Campus Philly is for you. Campus Philly is looking for recent graduates to make a two-year commitment to be a Campus Philly Fellow. As a Fellow, you will be responsible for student engagement by conducting presentations to Philly interns and students and reaching out to students at Campus Philly’s special events (My Philly Summer Party and Inclusive Leadership Conference). Other responsibilities will include event planning and execution and relationship management with Campus Philly partners.

Einstein Healthcare Network: Marketing Internship
Employers are gearing up to hire fall interns! Don’t pass up this opportunity at Einstein Healthcare Network. They want to hire a marketing intern who will work with the Marketing and Communications Team to assist in development, events, news releases, and social media. The intern’s duties will also include tracking advertising and competitor trends, assisting with photo shoots and web video filming logistics, and working with project managers to conduct research and competitive analysis. The internship start date is August 3, so apply soon!

City of Philadelphia, Performance Management: Strategic Planning Intern
The Performance Management Office of the City of Philadelphia is looking to hire a graduate student interested in government and policy to be their Strategic Planning Intern. The Strategic Planning Intern will apply his or her business skill set to the public sector to improve services for Philadelphians. Specific duties will include supporting tracking and updates to department strategic plans, building materials for quarterly reviews, and utilizing tools including root analysis, strategy mapping, and fishbone mapping. Applicants should have two years of experience in strategy consulting or policy work, be knowledgeable about Microsoft Office and have the ability to visualize data. With only a small time commitment of 10 hours per week, this opportunity is a great chance to get a peek into the inner workings of the Performance Management Office and local government.

Cohegent: Marketing Assistant
Are you interested in dabbling in marketing? If so, this part-time position is the perfect opportunity for you! Cohegent, a communications and marketing startup, is looking to hire a marketing assistant who has writing and editing skills and is familiar with social media. Since this is an entry-level position, you don’t need to be a marketing wiz to complete the job successfully. Cohegent is looking forward to training the assistant in the ins and outs of marketing.

Philly Office Retail: Marketing Community Outreach and Office Manager
This position at Philly Office Retail, a real estate development partnership, combines marketing and management! In the marketing aspect of the job, you will be responsible for managing and promoting events, managing social media accounts, and writing press releases and garnering news coverage. On the management side of the job, you will be responsible for ordering office supplies, scheduling appointments, and attending to the front desk. Applicants should be tech-savvy.

Top 5 Careers: Building on Skills

This week, the opportunities in our Top 5 Careers are all about building on skills you have developed over the past few years through jobs, internships, or the classroom. Whether you have a background in data management, consumer packaged goods, customer service, graphic design, or social media, five different organizations are seeking your talent. Check out the opportunities at Campus Philly (woot!), Campbell Soup Company, Beneficial Bank, Here’s My Chance, and the Democratic National Convention below.

Campus Philly: Open Arts Program Assistant
You could be instrumental in helping connect college students to Greater Philadelphia’s arts and culture community! Entering its third year, our Open Arts program now serves more than 5,800 student members from 31 partner colleges and universities, and features events from 47 cultural partner venues and performance groups. We are seeking an organized and detail-oriented program assistant to take responsibility for the Open Arts program’s data entry and event data tracking. Apply today! 

Campbell Soup Company: Category Manager — Immediate Consumption
You ate their soup growing up, and now you have a chance to work for them. Campbell Soup Company is looking for a category manager at their Camden location. The category manager will provide selling/planning/training materials for the field sales team to engage with retail partners in order to grow Campbell’s brands in Immediate Consumption Channels. Applicants should have their bachelor’s degree and 3-5 years of experience with the consumer packaged goods industry. 

Beneficial Bank: Relationship Consultant
If you have a background in customer service and are interested in further developing these skills, Beneficial Bank is looking for you. Apply today to be a Relationship Consultant! Main responsibilities would include filling the joint roles of Senior Teller and Senior Customer Service Representative so that customers may have their transactions processed and accounts and loans opened as efficiently and seamlessly as possible. Applicants should have 2-5 years experience as a teller or customer service representative, the ability to multitask, and demonstrate superior operational skills.

Here’s My Chance: Junior Designer
Calling all graphic design majors! Here’s My Chance, an award-winning creative agency headquartered here in Philadelphia, is looking for a junior designer. You would report to the creative director and other creative team members to design and execute eye-catching, on-brand images for their clients and for them. Responsibilities would include creating internal design elements, producing their monthly newsletter, and assisting with the conception and creation of internal campaigns. 

Philadelphia 2016 Host Committee: Community Management Intern
As you’ve probably heard, the Democratic National Convention is coming to Philadelphia next year, and that means there’s going to be a lot of internship and job opportunities. As a PHLDNC social intern, you’d be part of a tight-knit operation where you will work with Host Committee execs and stakeholders on sharing Philadelphia’s new narratives across digital and social. Candidates should be comfortable with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Daily responsibilities include social media content planning/curation; posting; managing audience interaction across platforms; monitoring, tracking, and reporting; and general assistance to the rest of the team. 

Top 5 Careers:
Opportunities In and Around Philly

Downtown Philadelphia isn’t the only happening area in Southeastern, PA (although we do love it); the Greater Philadelphia area is home to plenty of jobs, restaurants, shops, and night life! If your priority is a short commute to work, one of these areas, whether it be Philly, Newtown, Willow Grove, or New Hope, is close to you. Even if you don’t live nearby, these jobs and internships are worth any commute!

Campus Philly: Meet Philly Tour Street Team
Do you love calling Philly your home or your home-away-from-home? Do you want to share your fondness of this city with other college students? If you answered yes to both of those questions, then this is the perfect internship for you! As an intern on the Meet Philly Tour Street Team at Campus Philly, you will introduce regional college students to resources in Philadelphia via Campus Philly’s Insider Guide to Philadelphia. Other responsibilities will include setting up tabling materials, greeting students, and speaking knowledgeably about Campus Philly’s mission and programs at tabling events and photographing events. This is a fantastic opportunity to meet other college students while helping them to lay their roots in the City of Brotherly Love.

Beneficial Bank: Relationship Consultant 2
A position at a Newtown-based branch of Beneficial Bank is perfect for someone who lives in Bucks County and wants a quick drive to work. As the relationship consultant, you will take on the role of senior teller and senior customer service representative making the customer’s experience as enjoyable as possible. Take a break from the city’s hustle and bustle and use your lunch break to explore Newtown!

PREIT: Marketing Intern
Conveniently located in Willow Grove, PREIT (Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust) is looking to hire an undergraduate marketing intern. The marketing intern will work closely with the marketing director to market programs and initiatives that are developed to drive sales/traffic and NOI growth. Responsibilities will also include assisting in the development and implementation of mall marketing programs, website/social media site management, execution of community-based programs and retailer-community relations and visual merchandising. A perk is that this part-time position is also paid!

BioPharm Communications: Graphic Design Intern
BioPharm Communications would like to add a graphic design intern to their company. The applicant should be familiar with the Adobe Creative Suite and HTML. You are suited for this position if you are creative, have strong oral and written skills, and can work independently. This full-time position will give you awesome resume-boosting experience and is paid! What makes this internship even better is the location. New Hope, right on the Delaware River, is a hub for young people, funky shops, and an energetic night life. Hurry up and apply! They want someone to start as soon as possible.

YCenter: Software Development Intern
If you are spending the summer in Philly, your commute to YCenter will be nice and easy. YCenter piloted a software which helps to provide healthcare to those in Mozambique, Africa and now they are looking for a computer-savvy intern. As a software development intern, you will get to sharpen your coding skills.

Top 5 Careers:
Opportunities for the People-Person

The five opportunities this week will get you working with teammates, clients, volunteers, and community members! Check out this list which includes salaried positions and internships complete with stipends. From tabling events for Campus Philly to working on a marketing team at Lemonpeak, there is something on this list for every people-person.

Campus Philly: Meet Philly Tour Street Team
Our own Campus Philly is hiring awesome people who want to share the great opportunities the City of Brotherly Love has to offer with other college students. By working with the Campus Philly’s Program Manager for Student Engagement and the marketing firm Witty Gritty, you will meet and greet fellow college students at tabling events, photograph the events, and survey students after the event. This internship comes with a multitude of perks, such as free swag, extra cash, and great experience for future positions. Check it out and apply before June 26!

TherapyNotes, LLC: Microsoft Windows IT Infrastructure Engineer
If you are a recent grad interested in technology and healthcare, this full-time, salaried position at TherapyNotes, LLC is for you! The company wants applicants to be detail-oriented and knowledgable about technology. Duties will include managing operations for network, server, and applications, assisting in the maintenance of a disaster recover plan, and providing desktop support for managed IT clients and company employees. TherapyNotes, LLC would like someone to start in the beginning of June, so hurry up and apply!

Citizenship Counts: Outreach Coordinator Internship
Are you interested in education but not quite sure if you want to work in a school? Here is an opportunity at Citizenship Counts, a nonprofit organization that partners with schools, government agencies, and donors. They are looking for an intern who is passionate about education, familiar with social media, and capable of redesigning their interface. A bonus is the internship comes with a stipend!

The DREAM Program, Inc.: AmeriCorps VISTA Program Empowerment Director
Have you always wanted to make a difference in a community but weren’t sure how? A position in the social services is for you. This opportunity at The DREAM Program, Inc. is great because it is salaried! As an AmeriCorps VISTA Program Empowerment Director, you will be responsible for guiding and supporting volunteer mentoring student groups. Other duties will include recruting mentors and mentees and facilitating and implementing the teen “Mentor-In-Training” program.

Lemonpeak: Social Media Summer Intern
Yes, awesome summer internships are still available! Lemonpeak, a digital marketing firm, is looking to add a social media summer intern to their marketing team. They want someone who is motivated, independent, and of course savvy at social media. Lemonpeak would like applicants to be familiar with Microsoft Office and Wordpress. Responsibilities will include planning social media campaigns, researching trends, and developing web content.

Top 5 Careers: Internships
with June Start Dates

If your school has a late end date or you want some time to relax with Netflix or a good book before you start again on the daily grind, an internship with a June start date is ideal for you. This summer’s hot internships are definitely not all filled. Here are five cool companies looking to welcome new employees next month, including our own Campus Philly, which is hiring a Meet Philly Tour Intern. Republic Bank, CubeSmart, Breastcancer.org, and QTEK LLC are also offering fantastic opportunities for students this summer.

Campus Philly: Meet Philly Tour Intern
An internship where you get to spread the word about Philly being a great city for students and young professionals seems like a pretty sweet one in our (unbiased) opinion. Bragging about the opportunities in Philly is exactly what you will be doing as the Meet Philly Tour Intern. As an intern at Campus Philly, you will be responsible for organizing the program schedule, managing event collateral, uploading student contacts to Salesforce, communicating with Meet Philly Tour representatives, following up with students and student groups met during the Tour, representing Campus Philly at tabling events and/or facilitating “Philly 101” presentations. The bonus is the position is paid!

Republic Bank: Customer Service Associate FT and PT
This month’s employer of the month, Republic Bank, is offering an awesome internship for friendly and professional students interested in customer service. Responsibilities will include greeting the customers, answering the phone professionally and completing transactions on the line, and balancing the vault and the ATM. The start date is flexible and the position is paid. Check it out!

CubeSmart: Accounts Payable Representative
For all of those with an associate’s degree and a couple of years of accounts payable experience, this full-time position is a great opportunity. CubeSmart wants to add a detail-oriented person with a strong knowledge of Excel and Vlookup to their team. Some of the duties will include accurately indexing vendor invoices, collaborating with teammates to research and resolve account discrepancies by contacting vendors or field representatives, and providing general ledger guidance for invoice coding.

Breastcancer.org: Graphic Design Intern
Breastcancer.org is a nonprofit organization looking for a creative design intern. The intern will assist the Creative Design Manager with a wide range of web and print projects. Applicants should have graphic design experience and a portfolio to illustrate their ability.

QTEK LLC: Healthcare Startup Intern
If you are considering making a career in the healthcare sector, this summer internship at QTEK LLC, a healthcare start-up, will give you an idea of the ins-and-outs of the healthcare industry. This company would like to hire someone who is comfortable participating in brainstorming sessions and is always up for a challenge. The perks of this position are that it is flexible and paid.