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Transferring colleges? Here’s what you need to know, from the students who did it.

When I look at the beginning of my collegiate journey, I never thought I would be where I am today. I thought I would live on campus, become best friends…

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Discovering Philly on a Journey to Vanguard: An Interview with Colleen Evans

Through the Campus Philly career site, we’ve provided college students in the Philly area with opportunities to learn about the different career options available to them with experts from many…

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Engage in positive social change for greater Philadelphia

Ways to Engage – Three Professionals Making a Difference with Their Careers in Philly

From your dorm room, it may seem daunting to engage in positive social change for the greater Philadelphia area, but opportunities to get involved are everywhere, and there are individuals…

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Raising Artists While Growing a Business: An Interview with Dave Silver, Co-Founder of REC Philly

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Being an Advocate for Yourself – An Interview with Jennifer Kurowski, VP, Creative Director at Digitas Health

Inside Parliament Coffee on 15th Street, just around the corner from the Campus Philly office, I sat down with Jennifer Kurowski, VP, Creative Director at the Philadelphia-based advertising agency, Digitas…

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7 Questions to Ask in an Interview (and 3 to NEVER)

You know the feeling when you’re in a job interview and it’s going GREAT, and you answered every question about your résumé, felt comfortable with all the responsibilities of the…

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