The VLLG Jam Ep.51 – Spreading Abundance (Philadelphia)

The only concert where the audience is the headliner! Tickets are buy one, get one free with your student ID! Use code: studentoflife at checkout.

What is the VLLG Jam? : The VLLG jam is a monthly free expression music event based out of Philadelphia that deals with the theme of inclusion and extinguishing exclusion. Coining the phrase “the only concert where the audience is the headliner”the event really speaks for itself allowing anyone who is able to come out with their instrument of choice, vocals, spoken words, singing, raps and or dance moves, etc. These are just a few of the many creative disciplines that this Thursday night caters to leaving attendees blown away by the sense of connection and collaboration experienced throughout the night. Many would call it music/art therapy being a place where people express what is on their mind and not be judged by this huge crowd of 100 plus people per night.

Raising Artists While Growing a Business: An Interview with Dave Silver, Co-Founder of REC Philly

You’ve probably been to a small underground show around your campus, where on-campus artists can get a taste of the spotlight and have the opportunity to introduce the greater community to their art.  Have you ever thought about the person whose job it is to execute those events? The one organizing every. single. little. thing for the shows to make sure the audience is having a good time, and the talent is getting their music heard by as many people as possible? 

Meet Dave Silver, co-founder of REC Philly, a space and community for creatives who want to turn their passion for music into a sustainable career. Dave found his passion for helping local artists while attending Temple University, and since his time there, he’s built a company from the ground up, working with well-known artists such as rock/soul singer Zeek Burse (“The Experience”) & folk artist Rachel Andie.  

Dave sat down with me for an interview in Parliament Cafe right beneath the Campus Philly office.  Building a brand means you’re always working, but Dave was as welcoming to the idea of sitting down with Campus Philly as ever.  That’s because, as he’ll explain, Campus Philly had a hand in beginning his journey… Continue reading “Raising Artists While Growing a Business: An Interview with Dave Silver, Co-Founder of REC Philly”